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Jonathan Tiersten’s Music Video for “The Princess”

We are super stoked to announce the Groovey.TV production of The Princess by  Jonathan Tiersten and Ten Tiers Ft. Mitch Dezwarte Directed by Mel Haynes, Jr. –

About Jonathan Tiersten:

Jonathan Tiersten To the casual observer taking only a cursory glance at the career of Jonathan Tiersten one might only know him from his iconic role of Ricky in the legendary horror film Sleepaway Camp. While Jonathan “JT” Tiersten completely owned the role of Ricky and relishes it to this day Sleepaway Camp was not a landing zone for his career it was a launching pad for this true Renaissance man. In addition to Sleepaway Camp Mr. Tiersten starred in (and was associate producer of) The Perfect House in another iconic role as the serial killer John Doesy in a masterful portrayal that won Best Actor in a Feature Film at The Underdogs Film Festival, Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film at The Macabre Faire Film Festival and was nominated for the same award at The Scarlet Waters Film Festival. JT has also starred in Redemption where he plays a pimp in a major role along side George Loros (best known for his portrayal of Raymond “Buffalo Ray” Curto on the HBO series “The Sopranos”), Meredith Ostrum (known for her roles in Love Actually, Men Don’t Lie and other movies) and veteran film/television actor Barry Primus. And of course Return to Sleepaway Camp would not have been complete without Jonathan Tiersten reprising his role of Ricky Thomas.

For most people one successful career in a life is enough but Jonathan Tiersten, in addition to being a well-known actor and producer, is also a world class musician and has been performing on the musical stage almost as long as acting on one. The two worlds have crossed over with his music being on the soundtracks for M Is for Matchmaker,Plan 9, The PerfectHouse, Juncture, and Demption. JT’s musical career started in the late 80’s as one-half of the acoustic duo The Magic Box and then progressed from there with his move to Colorado and a flourishing solo career. Over the years Jonathan Tiersten has released several powerful albums on his own as a singer songwriter and with his band Jonathan Tiersten And Ten Tiers including the EP We’ll See which received a perfect score in its review on The review goes on to say, “If you’re into artists like Van Morrison, Cat Stevens, or in some ways Jeff Buckley chances are you’ll enjoy this album. Definitely worth checking out if you’ve had enough with the cookie cutter music that you hear on the radio day in and day out. Enjoy.” Speaking of enjoyment the very prolific Jonathan Tiersten has over 60 tracks on iTunes and elsewhere for you to enjoy.

Actor, producer, musician, writer, philosopher could film directing be the next challenge conquered by Mr. Tiersten? “When I got back into acting,” Tiersten asserts, “I realized how much that was an itch that needed to be scratched. I’m very passionate about my acting and I look forward to producing and maybe even directing.”

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