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Justin Timberlake Live: It Was Worth the Wait

JT Live(By Liat) Everybody has their dreams. Some want to learn how to fly a plane, some want to take a trip around the world. Mine was quite different.  Ever since I can remember I was a boy band groupie. You name it: NKOTB, Take That, Backstreet Boys, Blue and off course NSYNC.

Ever since the phenomenon of boy bands, it was well known that each teenage girl would choose the one she thought was the cutest. Mine was Justin Timberlake. There was something about his smile and his role in the band that caused me to say: “OK I am going to like this is one from now on. I remember when I heard that he was about to start his own solo music career I was excited because I had a feeling it was going to be something “different”. In 2002 his performance on the vma with “like I love you” just assured me that he isn’t just “a cute face” to me anymore but also a talented artist. In the following years listened to him devotedly and he proved to be a great performer.  I have listened to Songs, watched videos clips and off course watched most of his films.

Justin Timberlake started his way to the top as a kid when he appeared on the television shows Star Search and The All-New Mickey Mouse Club. Then in the late 90’s he was one of the main lead vocalists of NSYNC. His albums were worldwide success: Justified in 2002, FUTURESEX/LOVESOUNDS in 2006 and the latest the 20/20experiance (part 1 & 2).needless to say that I have purchased all of them since I define me as a loyal fan.

I have watched some of his live performances on TV and I have always dreamt that maybe one day I would have a chance to go to one of his concerts. Years went by and it was just a wishful thinking till rumors started that he might come to perform in my country. I was starting to get excited like I was a teenager all over again. I checked many sources went online searching just to get any confirmation that it was true. And it was confirmed. I made sure that all my friends and family know about it and that I was defiantly going to get a ticket which I did on the day that they started selling them.

I actually had my own countdown till the day of the performance.  Here is a moment of confession. I was listening to his albums in replay just to make sure I won’t make a fool of myself not knowing the lyrics (which later proved that it didn’t matter since I was enjoying myself and not caring about it).

It might sound childish or silly but he is one of my idols. He is a great artist down to earth and funny (his SNL performances only prove it). So one can only feel great, excited giddy (I have so many adjectives I can use here) knowing that a dream was about to come true that one of your idols is actually coming to your country.  On the day of the performance Walking to the gate of the park where the concert was taking place with my friends, seeing all the other people like me who bought a ticket, gave it a validation that it was real.

I made sure that I would be there few hours before the concert to find a “good spot” to watch the show. I’m short lady so it was important to me to make sure that “no giants” were in front of me. As time went by more and more people started to come and the chance to be able to see the stage seemed less and less optional. I was counting at least that there were going to be big screens. Lights went off, on a big screen, his famous opening of the show started and my heart started beating fast. Then Justin has appread on the screen. Since that moment it was magical, fun and one big party. Almost more the 40,000 people were there and I was among them. It hit me every time he asked us to sing and the entire crowd “obeyed” with loud singing and hands in the air.

There was one point that I found myself tearing. Yes tearing. It was during the song “Summer Love” which is one of my favorites.  Being full of emotions such as happiness, excitement and joy, I couldn’t hold the tears anymore.

You know the moment when you watch a live concert on TV or YouTube and there is a moment which the singer let the crowd sing the lyrics. It has always fascinated me and I thought it must be a magical moment for both the artist and the audience.  There were such great moments during the concert which made it amazing. One of them was the last song of the concert “Mirrors”.

When the music started playing the whole crowd shouted from joy and started singing with Justin ’til he just pointed the microphone towards the crowd and it was the sign to let us know that the “spotlights” were on us now. We sang every word with the music and it was another great magical moment that came true for me. You could tell he enjoyed it too.

When it was over I still felt hyped, I wanted it to continue all night. But all good things come to an end but it doesn’t mean they are vanished. That day will always be one of the great me memorable experiences I have ever had.

Music for me is a source of encouragement and energy and I hope for you also. So if you too have had a dream like mine and it doesn’t matter which artist it is, go for it make it happen because those little things are the ones which make us happy the most. I waited and it was worth waiting!

JT 20 20

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