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(Rules of The Gauntlet: The artist (Like in this case Cody Morales (bassist) of Detroit based rock band Kaleido) is sent a butt ton of  questions ranging from standard to stupid  from which they must choose  at least  12 to answer and return them to us with a minimum of tear stains.)

What is your philosophy? Motto?

I practice leaving the past in the past and carry only lessons learned or taught to shape the present while ultimately allowing the future to happen as it will. Too often does contemplation of the unknowable future as well as the unchangeable past hinder a positive unfolding of everyday experience. My mottos are “That, will happen” and “It’s, gonna be fun”

What is an extravaganza? And why is having an extra “vaganza” so special?

A literary or musical work marked by extreme freedom of style and structure and usually by elements of burlesque or parody. The extra vaganza is to take over the top!

Who are your influences?

Hendrix, Prince, George Clinton, James Cameron, Stanley Kubric, Steely Dan, Robin Williams, Bill Murray, John F. Kennedy, Zatoichi, Garfield, Daft Punk, Rick Ruben, James Jameson, Steve Jobs, Kurt Russell, Michael Jackson and many schools of eastern thought and spiritual transcendence.

Peace or freedom? (You can’t have both.)Why?

Freedom. Because according to many prophetic science fiction tales, being forced into peace seldom works. Peace is never a given, its a choice within a society to be peaceful.

What was the last song you listened to before this interview?

I guess technically I had my iPhone playing a streaming radio station set to some Jazz Fusion station while I cleaned my house, as to an exact song I’m not sure. However as I type the answers for this interview I’m listening to an episode of  “How It’s Made” on Hulu.

Top five favorite albums?

Sergio Mendez Trio – Brazil ’65

Larry Coryell – Spaces

Dire Straits – Making Movies

NOFX – Punk in Drublic

Deep Purple – Machine Head

What master musicians would you like to study with?

Herbie Hancock

Stella or Guinness? Why?

Neither. Because I quit drinking, Otherwise between the two I’d pick Stella.

What really pisses you off?

Ignorance of people including myself. Speaking of creating peace.

Who the fuck do you think you are?

The fucking greatest.

If you had a time machine what would you do with it?

Upgrade it with inter-dimensional travel capabilities and visit every nook and cranny of the known and un-imaginable universe in all dimensions probably until I die in some weird time/dimension traveling faux pas.

Kaleido Tour Dates:
03/31 @ The Machine Shop – Flint, MI *
04/01 @ Ground Zero – Traverse City, MI *

05/02 @ Chameleon Club – Lancaster, PA *
05/03 @ Chameleon Club – Lancaster, PA *
05/05 @ Druid City Music Hall -Tuscaloosa, AL *
05/06 @ War Memorial Auditorium – Nashville, TN
05/07 @ Cat’s Cradle – Carrboro, NC ^
05/09 @ Stone Pony – Asbury Park, NJ *
05/10 @ Stone Pony – Asbury Park, NJ *
05/11 @ The Dome at Toyota Presents Oakdale – Wallingford, CT *
05/12 @ Funk & Waffles – Syracuse, NY ^
05/13 @ Higher Ground – Burlington, VT ^
05/14 @ House of Blues – Boston, MA *
05/16 @ Upstate Concert Hall – Clifton Park, NY *
05/17 @ Rapids Theatre – Niagara Falls, NY *
05/19 @ Stage AE – Pittsburgh, PA *
05/21 @ The Forge – Joliet, IL ^
05/22 @ 20 Monroe Live – Grand Rapids, MI *
05/24 @ St. Andrew’s Hall – Detroit, MI *
05/25 @ St. Andrew’s Hall – Detroit, MI *
05/26 @ Route 20 – Racine, WI ^
05/27 @ Sokol Auditorium – Omaha, NE *
05/31 @ Liquid Joe’s – Salt Lake City, UT
06/01 @ Knitting Factory Concert House – Boise, ID * ^
06/05 @ The Fillmore – San Francisco, CA * ^
06/06 @ House of Blues – Anaheim, CA * ^
06/07 @ Marquee Theatre – Tempe, AZ * ^
06/10 @ The Pageant – Saint Louis, MO * ^

* With Seether & Letters From The Fire
^ With Letters From The Fire ONLY
* ^ With Seether & Through Fire

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