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Keith Top Of The Pops & His Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band Premiere “Two Of The Beatles Are Dead” On PopMatters To Release Debut LP F*ck You! I’m Keith Top Of The Pops Out August 16th On Corporate Records

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“…it also works as an illustration of love, good humour and camaraderie. Silliness aside, the songs stand up and a variety of vocalists, including almost inevitably serial band collaborator Eddie Argos, take turns to lead the ramshackle  troop.” –  Art Rocker
Keith Top Of The Pops & His Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band started in 2006 when Keith Top was on tour with Art Brut (whose first three singles Keith had been producing and recording). Art Brut’s supporting band cancelled the night of the gig at The Knitting Factory and needed an opener badly, so Keith stepped up to the plate. 

That was just the beginning. The band was Keith, and Mike & Jasper from Art Brut. Together they performed three songs Keith had previously written, along with a handful of covers. There was no rehearsal whatsoever.

It had been a success. When Keith returned to London, he immediately began forming the band. Keith would book gigs, and then call all his friends who were in bands the morning of the gig, and see who was interested in joining him on stage. With varying band members, this meant only one thing — every gig was unique because it had a varying line-up and different songs. Sometimes there were only two members, and other times there could be as many as 24 band members on stage (including 17 electric guitars and a brass section).

The only rules of the band are “No Rehearsals” and “No Soundchecks,” as Keith believes most bands fight in rehearsal rooms, and soundchecks are pretty pointless with the amount of amps they use.

Keith writes all the songs, and when they play them live, often times no one else in the band has heard them. However the songs are performed on the first night dictates who will play what and how it will sound once recorded.

Since forming, the band has played all over Europe and the US, often with local musicians making up the band

The album,  F*ck You! I’m Keith Top Of The Pops will be released in mid-August. It was recorded at Keith’s recording studio in SOHO London, Dean Street Studios. It was a unique process in that all the band members got only one go at it, unless they had not heard the song before in which case they got another chance. This is such a unique and exciting musical experience, the results are bound to be truly epic.

The record is available to download  here through  Corporate Records UK. CD and vinyl are offered on the site exclusively — they will not be available in stores. Corporate Records UK is a Pay-What-You-Like record label started by Keith Top himself and the band, The Indelicates, after they got tired of label interference and how most labels are generally run. Anyone can post their music to the site and all proceeds go towards the artist.
Band Members
Keith Top – Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals, Clapping, and Acoustic guitar
Mikey Brut –  Drums, Clapping, Melodica, Tambourine (Art Brut)
Fruitbat –  Bass, Backing Vocals (Carter USM)
Jimbob –  Backing Vocals (Carter USM)
Simon Indelicate –  Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals (The Indelicates)
Julia Indelicate –  Piano, Backing Vocals (The Indelicates)
Sue Denim –  Violin, Backing Vocals (Robots In Disguise)
Dee Plume –  Backing Vocals (Robots In Disguise)
Adie Nunn – Rhythm Guitar
James Rocks – Rhythm Guitar (The Rock & Roll Idiots)
Micky Ciccone – Rhythm Guitar (The Last Army)
Tim Ten Yen –  Clapping, Backing Vocals
Charley Stone – Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals (The Famous Cocks)
David Barnett –  Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals (The Famous Cocks)
Arec G Litter –  Sax, Backing Vocals (Glam Chops)
John Moore –  Harmonica, Saw (Black Box Recorder)
Luke Haines –  Wah Guitar (Black Box Recorder, The Auteurs)
Sarah Nixey –  Lead Vocals on the duet (Black Box Recorder)
Johhny Fade –  Lead Guitar (The Fades)
Jasper Future – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals (Art Brut)
Ian Catskilkin –  Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals (Art Brut)
Eddie Argos –  Stylophone, Backing Vocals (Art Brut)
Dave Fade –  Wah Guitar, Backing Vocals (The Fades)
Jackie McKeown –  Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals (The Yummy Fur, 1990s)
Sara –  Saw (The Sawchestra)
Dyan Valdes – Backing Vocals (The Blood Arm)
Keith Murray – Backwards singing, Clapping (We Are Scientists)
Chris Cain – Backwards singing, Clapping (We Are Scientists)

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