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KillSet Performing in Rocklahoma

Coming from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles is Killset, a band with much to prove and sound as destructive as any mainstream rock will be heading out and performing at Rocklahoma on May 25th.  They will make their way and will be making their debut in TEXAS!!  
Killset released their sophomore album S.T.F.U on 7th July 2017, using producer Eddie Wohl.  Killset maintain their late 90s, early 00s sound that is synonymous with Eddie’s work.  

May 25th –  Rocklahoma, OK
May 26th – The 19th Hole, Houston, Texas
May 27th – The Texas Mist, Austin, Texas
Monday 28th -San Antonio (TBD)
June 16th – Tiki Bar, Costa Mesa, CA
June 23rd – The Viper Room, Hollywood, CA
Killset is about finding a positive and fun way to get rid of that extra energy and stress that so many people feel in their lives.  Killset is certain to leave its target audiences making plenty of noise.  

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