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New York, NY:  Korn’s critically lauded  The Path of Totality    –an experimental album which found  the band shifting gears and exploring new territory with some of the most important emerging producers on the electronic music scene today”” landed at No. 10 on the Billboard Top 200 this week. The album has been met with near universal critical accolades, as the band is applauded for its ability to do something new and fresh two decades deep into its career.


The band was recently profiled in the  New York Times’  Sunday section due to their ability to embrace dubstep, which many have deemed “the new punk.” The band also wrapped a wildly successful fall tour, including a hometown show in Los Angeles that was filmed and streamed live for 72 hours globally with several online partners, among them Hot Topic and  Revolver, the latter of which selected  The Path of Totality  as their album of the year.


The Path of Totality  is being recognized for the strength of its songs, including   Get Up!”  with DJ Skrillex,  and   Narcissistic Cannibal,”  another creation with  Skrillex  and  his protégé Kill the Noise.   Other standout tracks include   Kill Mercy Within”  and “Let’s Go,” which feature untouchable Dutch production trio  Noisia.


Jonathan Davis recently pointed out to Billboard that Korn “were dubstep before there was dubstep,” thanks to the construction of their songs. So this sonic shift is not exactly brand new territory for them!


Fan can check out the band’s track-by-track breakdown of the album  here.


Recent media accolades for the album are as follows:


Elsewhere, Excision and Downlink provide the hardest-hitting groove in “˜My Wall.’ And for “˜Way Too Far,’ a march-tempo monster mash, 12th Planet jacks the bass and Davis reveals something else that he realized he could add to this fucking motherfucker: an auctioneer’s spiel.”

–SPIN,  December 2011


The track is a banger! First, I tip my hat off to the guys of KoRn for diving into a new territory of music although I was skeptical at first and I’m grateful KoRn didn’t neglect their original sound. Secondly, Skrillex and Kill the Noise are animals on this track. It works! It’s fresh material that music lovers wouldn’t expect.”

““MAGNETIC (Online),  October 18, 2011


Pioneers of the ’90s nu metal scene, the Bakersfield, CA stadium rock band have made a huge leap of faith on their forthcoming tenth album, The Path of Totality, collaborating with dubstep masters Skrillex, Noisia, 12th Planet, Feed Me, Excision, Downlink, and others….Korn’s inspired performance went straight for the jugular….Ten albums into their career and Korn is intentionally walking the artistic tightrope between two genres that share a bombastic quality.”

“”BIG SHOT (Online),  11/7/11


“…a set of eleven tracks that don’t pander to either genre’s affectations and instead meld into one loud, aggressive, angry rager. Heavy, scratchy bass grounds the band’s token drum-kit and undercuts Davis’ signature vocals. The shrill computer-made melodies mirror the onslaught of guitars too. There’s a weird understated balance to the whole thing that stems from a combination of production know-how and solidarity in the underground. The mutual sense of rage may have something to do with it too.”

“”MTV HIVE (Online),  11/9/11

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