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Liat’s Top Ten Action Movies

Ready, Set, Action!

When I was asked to create my own top ten I decided that I am going to choose something that may surprise you. I have chosen my top ten action movies. I am well known as the chick-flick lady. I have watched tons of romantic movies that made me sigh, cry, and wish to have a love like the one I saw on the screen. But I also have my adventurous side that enjoys heroes who show off their muscles and make the bad guys beg for mercy. I debated which movies to choose since I love movies and there are many that I would have wanted to put in my list, but at the end of the day I decided on those that I love to watch over and over again. I am well aware that you might not agree with some of my choices, but I hope you agree that these are good movies.   Let’s start…

No. 10 Bad Boys

Liat Bad BoysMy number 10 goes to the cool and funny duo: Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. I always thought that the connection between them was awesome and even though each plays a different character, they complete each other. The fact that the movie is full of both action and comedy makes you enjoy watching it again and again. It tells the story about detectives who protect a woman who witnessed a murder while investigating a case of stolen heroin.


No. 9 S.W.A.T.

Liat SWATI have chosen this movie since I love the plot of the film and the cast is full of great actors such as Samuel L. Jackson, Colin Farell, Michelle Rodriguez. It is a movie which I can only describe as full of action and energy. The movie is about a special force team which Samuel L Jackson creates to deal with special situations. An infamous drug baron was caught and has been brought into custody; he offers a great amount of money to whoever helps him escape. The force team is assigned to prevent it but the mission goes wrong and it is up to the team to prevent him from making his great escape.

No. 8 The Expendables 2: Back for War

Liat Expendables 2Yes, I understand that this choice of mine might cause you to raise an eye brow, but the idea to put some of the coolest action actors in one movie was genius. It has lots of weapons, fighting, and fires. The relations between the characters and the fact that they make you laugh in certain points of the movies by using their famous lines .The force gets another assignment that causes one of their men to be murdered. They decide to take revenge and find themselves on an enemy ground dealing with a major threat.

No. 7 Spider-Man 2

Liat Spiderman 2The story of Spider-Man was brought to life to the screen in many different movies but my favorite one is Spider-Man 2 from 2004 starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. Peter Parker who is Spider-Man finds it difficult to maintain a normal life side by side with his duties as Spider-Man. Due to the changes in his life and being depressed because he knowingly lost people he loved (such as his uncle, for whose death he feels responsible, or Mary Jane who got engaged) Peter loses his powers and he decides to become a “normal guy.” The actions of Dr, Octavius make Peter Parker realize that he is once again needed as Spider-Man.

No. 6 Iron Man

Liat Iron ManThe Iron Man series of movies is one of my favorites. It has always seemed liked this role was created for Robert Downey Jr. I couldn’t think of anyone else who could have played it better than him. From all three Iron Man movies, my favorite is Iron Man 3. Tony Stark finds himself facing an enemy who has destroyed his life and he needs to survive in order to save his loved ones. We get to see his soft side and his understanding of the role of the suit in his life and its cost.


No. 5 Die Hard

Liat Die HArdI have to say that Bruce Willis is a charmer even when he shows the bad guys who is boss. Out of all the “Die Hard” movies, I have chosen the first one. It is the one which made me a fan and it is the one that caused me to decided that if they ever would make another one I would watch it (needless to say that I have watched all five). The movie is about an NYPD officer named John McClane, who is visiting his wife in Los Angeles, but when she and her coworkers are taken hostage by German terrorists during their Christmas party, he has to try and save them.


No. 4 The Dark Knight

Liat The Dark KnightI am sure that you will agree with me it is one of the most amazing action movies that have even been made. There were plenty of Batman movies which have been made throughout the years and each has its own uniqueness, yet Dark Knight, due to its cast and the way it was filmed will be forever memorable. Christian Bale as Batman and the late Heath Ledger have created the ultimate battle of good vs. evil. Batman and Commissioner Gordon are trying to catch the mob and arrest them. The Joker offers the head of the mob to kill Batman for money, but when he refuses, Joker kills him and takes control of the mob, deciding to pursue Batman and kill him himself. The chase between them starts from this point.

No. 3 Red

Liat RedYet again Bruce Willis finds his way back to my list. The movie RED (retired extremely dangerous) has a great cast like Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren, who despite their age can teach some of the young actors and actresses what, is a cool action star. A retired agent has its life threatened by an assassin and so are his friends. He gathered some of his friends from the past who were agents like him and also have retired, to discover who is were the person who was in charge of sending the assassins.


No.2 Transformers

Liat TransformersWhen I was a kid I loved the animated show so when the movie came out I was excited. The way the movie was made and They manage to bring “to life” the transformers on the screen is amazing. I have chosen the first movie among all the series since I can watch it any given time and I will still Think it is one of the coolest movies ever. The background To the plot is An anicient battle  between  two alien races: The Autobots and the Decepticons.The Decepticons arrivied to earth in order to find their leader Megatron and the Allspark. The clue to find it is in the hands of a teenager named Sam Witiwicky. His new car Bumblebee is an Autobot which is always by his side and guard him as he helps the Autobots  in their battle to beat evil.

No.1 Fast Five   

Liat Fast FiveSome may agree and some not but I have decided that this is my number 1. the story of Dominic Toretto and his crew has made me a big fan of the Fast and Furious series of Movies. I agree it doesn’t have the “special effects and all the cool gadgets” that some of the films have  yet their “simple” And unique story captured me. I chose “Fast Five” as my favorite since: a. it takes place in Brazil b. the relations among the crew memebers is heartwarming. In this movie Dominic, Brian and Mia end up in Brazil Planing a big robbery from a drug lord in order to be free again while escaping a federal Agent.


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