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Lola Black Interview

(By Vincent Renn) Denver sits on the cusp of one of its newest and greatest traditions. It’s a party featuring Lost Point, A Memory Down, and Denver’s very own…. Lola Black. I’m speaking of course about Lola Black’s Borracho Bash II. Denver’s hottest new Metal Fest will be at the Summit Music Hall on July 18th. They are also getting ready to do some more shows with their friends over at PopEvil including Sturgis. With everything going on both Lola and Crispy made some time to answer a few of my questions.

For starters, when can Lola Black fans expect a new album, and what can we expect from it?

Crispy ~ That is a bit of a tricky question… We have been working with veteran producer Bob Marlette on the new material and have 3 songs recorded. We are looking for a home for the record. Meaning finding a label that believes in the project as much as Mr. Marlette. Could be very soon, it could be next Spring. The new music is a huge evolution in Lola Black. For those that have followed the band over the years you can see how we have gone from a straight up don’t give a fuck party punk rock band to a more refined sound. Don’t get me wrong there is still the same don’t give a fuck quality about the music now we are just all grown up! Some of the new material is a lot darker than previous efforts and Lola’s voice has grown leaps and bounds. With the new material we have also started incorporating a bit if an electronic edge as well.

Some bands go into the studio for the writing process, some will work through riffs during sound check. What’s your formula?

Crispy ~ We honestly don’t have a set formula. Each song is it’s own entity. Some songs just pop straight out and are done while other take many hours and hours of refinement in the studio. With the new material Bob would get us to where the music was done and then he would have Lola and I sit there for hours pounding out lyrics until we landed on what was perfection. I think we had one song where we had about 20 pages of lyrics between the two of us until we found what really worked. It really is a whole different level of the game when you are working with someone of that caliber. He had also previously been to Denver and we just jammed all the ideas for the music until what we had what would become our new single on KPPI Sorrow and Sin.

What was your inspiration for Borracho Bash?

Lola ~ Our first song that really made waves on the radio was the song ‘Borracho’ We have been so crazy the past few years primarily opening for national acts we haven’t had the opportunity to do many headlining shows in Denver. So when we wanted to do headlining show last year we wanted to make it more than just your typical show it really seemed appropriate to make a festival out of it high-lighting a shit ton of Denver talent while going with the song that really blew us up in Denver. Yes we still are known as one of Denver’s most outrageous party bands so we give you Borracho Bash!!

When it comes to creating music festivals, who do you think would be more successful? The bands or labels and promoters?

Lola ~ I would think the combination bands hooking up with the right promoter.

Do you have any ambitions of starting your own label?

Lola ~ That is to be seen. We have been able to come really far on our own. Depending on what happens with the new music and if a label takes it on or doesn’t take it on would be the deciding factor. Unfortunately or fortunately the music industry is not what it used to be. So in certain situations it might not even be in a bands best interest to sign a crappy deal where all you are going to be is a tax write off with no real push from your label. In that case it might make more sense to just start a label. It seems for hard rock the labels that are killing it are labels that are still considered indy labels like Razor and Tie and 11/7 music. Obviously it takes a lot to get to the level of those really big indy labels but with the new found freedoms that have come with the fall of the majors and the explosion of the internet there are many opportunities out there. It is all about finding new ways to promote your craft. We know we have a fantastic
product so if the time came why wouldn’t we?

Who is your favorite band you guys have toured / performed with?

Lola ~ Getting to play the big festivals this year for the loudest month in Rock has definitely been the highlight of our career! Rob Zombie and Motionless in White were my two favorites! Opening for Five Finger Death Punch at the First Bank Center was fucking off the hook too!

Crispy ~ It was absolutely mind blowing to be on some bills with the likes of Korn, Marilyn Manson, and Papa Roach. Watching all these bands from the side of the stage was awesome. In this Moment is always seriously awesome and of course we will always have much love and respect for Pop Evil as they were the first band to give us a chance and actually take us out with them on a run of dates.

What bands inspired your look and sound?

Crispy ~ A bit of Joan Jett, a bit of Rob Zombie, a bit of NOFX, a bit of Evanescence, a bit of Motley Crue, a bit of Manson, a bit of No Doubt, the entire decades of the 80’s 90’s and 2000’s, a bit of Korn, a bit of Stevie Nicks, umm yeah we are all over the place and that’s what makes Lola Black tick!

Name one thing you would change about the touring process and why.

Lola ~ Riding in the van for hours on end!!!! At the end of the day it is worth it. We are very fortunate to be able to do what we do!

Gene Simmons says “Rock-N-Roll is dead”. How do you respond to that?

Crispy ~ The old model of the music industry is dead not Rock and Roll. The KC Rockfest that we had the pleasure of opening is the single largest one day music festival in rock and roll. Sold out with 52,000 in attendance. I would say Rock and Roll is definitely not dead. New bands just need to find a way to keep pushing the envelope.

The Munster’s or Addams Family & Why?

Lola ~ Addams, I have a new all black puppy that I have named Wednesday Addams. That is why!

You’re stuck on Gilligan’s Isle with three of your favorite creature comforts. What are they?

Lola ~ Mascara because one must always look good, tooth brush for obvious reasons, and beef jerky.

You wake up in the back of a cop car with one other person. Who is it, and what did you guys do?

Lola ~ I’m with Crispy and I am sure it is for some kind of drunk and dis-orderly conduct as a result of the Borracho Bash!

What was your nickname growing up?

Lola ~ Goonie Bird. My little brother couldn’t say my name when he was really young so it started as Goon and developed from there. For the longest time the whole family called me Goonie Bird. Lol!

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