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Madhatter! & Mr. Kristopher Collaborate on “SIX”

Player2Multigenre Electronic Music producer Mr. Kristopher (Kristopher Gray) has joined forces with Producer/DJ/Guitarist Brett “Madhatter!” Hopkin to release “SIX,” out NOW on Deorro’s Panda Funk Records.

“This record from Madhatter & Mr. Kristopher actually happened pretty naturally thru our friendship. We kept meeting up in different cities we were playing shows and eventually decided to put our two styles together. The name of the song ‘SIX’ is in reference to a bug because of the weird sounds we created for background effects, but what is kind of crazy is that this is also my 6th record I’ve signed in 6 months. I created the first part of the song, Madhatter created the 2nd part of the song, and then, for the 3rd part, we did something that we have never seen before in dance music: we created a build while increasing the BPM. Instead of leaving it at the raised tempo we actually dropped it back down to the original BPM and finished it out with both of our sounds mashed together!” – Mr. Kristopher

Check out Exclusive Insight On "SIX" from Mr. Kristopher.

Check out Exclusive Insight On “SIX” from Mr. Kristopher.


Roots deep in the depths of a circle pit, Kristopher J. Gray aka, Mr. Kristopher, raises the levels of frequency in a colossal way. Producing original cuts and revved up edits, Mr. K drops a heart pumping performance that will leave your face on the floor! Breaking barriers, this DJ brings forth electronic licks, core riffs, and hip-hop kicks that delivers an all-out head banging bass experience. Period.

Recently, Mr. Kristopher added his name among the rising contenders of today’s top tier festival circuits. Throwing down on stages such as Dancefestopia, Lose Control 7 during SXSW, and with Backwoods Music Festival drawing near, his momentum shows no signs of slowing down. As if the chaos of studio time and showmanship wasn’t enough, Kristopher manages to keep himself on a strict schedule with his college courses by utilizing green rooms and downtime between sets in his travels.

New comers take heed, Mr. Kristopher is far from rookie status, despite his recent blossom onto the electronic scene. He’s long since left the kiddy pool and has yet to look back. Keeping it Strange, Mr. K has been swinging with the best of the best for some time now being given the blessing of touring with the #1 independent recording artist of the world, Tech N9ne (Strange Music, Inc). State by state, he has worked his way around the country through various clubs and theaters; spreading his message of love and down to the ground good times. If you’re in search of a light, look no further. Let this wild-style rhythm and passion fueled sound be your guide. From Mr. Kristopher’s heart to yours.


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