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Magic Mike – Review

(By Meli)

     Abs, butts, and boobies oh my! The trailer for this movie is a bit deceiving.   They say it’s about a male stripper Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) taking some kid under his wing and showing him the ropes.   OK sure that is what it’s about, but they didn’t tell me what a steaming pile of poo it is!   There are a few laughs, but it just ends up being like every other movie of its kind.   Let’s start with Mike (Tatum)   he’s easy on the eyes, he seems nice enough, but he has his own set of issues.   He’s prideful, he’s a womanizer and he’s um…probably got more STDs then Snooki.   Next we have Adam (Alex Pettyfer) he is supposed to be 19 and looks like he’s about 26 and don’t get me started on his acting abilities.   I’m guessing his screen test went something like this: Take off your shirt, now wiggle your ass a little, smile big, you’re hired!“  

     Matthew McConaughey plays Dallas.   The ex-stripper turned club owner and host.   He’s a bit of a manipulative dick that tells the guys what they want to hear so they do what he wants.   No shock there huh?   The cast is rounded out with a few other male strippers with great abs, a few dance moves and one chick.   Brooke (Cody Horn) is Adam’s brooding older sister with her own set of issues.   She’s trying to help Adam get his life back on track after his football scholarship went bye bye.   Again, same old story with new faces.   Snore fest!   If it weren’t for a massive amount of alcohol I would never have finished watching this pile of crap!  

     I was mildly entertained for parts of the movie.   And was happy to see comedian Gabriel I’m not fat I’m fluffy” Iglesias make an appearance as Tobias, resident drug dealer.   Despite some big names and awesome abs I have to give this movie 5 out of 5 Jell-O shots!

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