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The Man in the Orange Jacket – Review (MHHFF)

By Meli

I’ve had the extreme pleasure of watching a lot of new movies featured at the Mile High Horror Film Festival this year. It’s presented at the Alamo Drafthouse in Littleton. This is the first in a series of reviews I will be writing from my time at the festival.

This was the first movie I went to see. It started out with a bang! It’s the story of a man who loses his job and seeks revenge on his boss. His boss lives in a lovely, isolated mansion by a lake. This setting makes him easy prey for this disgruntled worker. So the story is fairly typical when it comes to this. Bad guy breaks in to the home and kills his boss and the wife. From there it takes an odd turn. We get to watch this guy shower, try on the dead guys clothes and eat. Yep, a large part of the movie is watching this guy eat, drink, watch TV, and even order in two hookers. The worse part about all the eating and drinking is that we can clearly hear it. I’m talking hear it as if the microphone was implanted in the guys mouth. This was awful for me!

The movie did try to redeem itself from all of this and a lovely twist was beginning. The Man in the Orange Jacket started to see The Man in the Orange Jacket. See himself as though he was being stalked by the same man that killed the owners of this home. So his decent into madness manifested in several different ways. First he was afraid and he ordered the hookers so he wouldn’t be alone. Next he thought he saw the dead wife wandering through the house. Is she really dead? Perhaps he should check the basement where he put the bodies. Is she dead now? Maybe she is and maybe she isn’t!! Did he kill the hookers or just fantasize that he killed them?

As usual I will not ruin it for you and tell you everything that happens. I will say the cinematography was great. There were a lot of different camera angles and a lot of slow motion. There wasn’t a lot of dialog, but the sound quality was amazing. No joke, I could hear every single chew, swallow and breath the main character took. Despite it being completely annoying to me, I have to give credit where credit it due. Overall I didn’t care for this movie. The acting was good, the twist was good, but it just didn’t do it for me. I spoke to a few other viewers and they weren’t into it either, but I found one man who thought it was amazing. So, to each is own. Reviews can be very subjective. If you get the opportunity to see this one I would love to hear what you think. Maybe you will still be wondering the same thing I am. Where is the man in the orange jacket? I never saw an orange jacket.

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