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Midian Crosby and Monster Makeup FX Interview

We don’t throw around the term “Badassery” lightly here at the Groovey.TV fortress offices trust us on that you gotta earn it.  And holy gargoyles are the artists at Monster Makeup FX major over achievers at badassery. So here’s the very badass  Midian Crosby, Jesse Phillips, Laura Jerdak and Monster Makeup FX Interview at Denver Comic Con.

Video by Dogg Souljah


About Monster Makeup FX:

(From Monster Makeup FX is a practical special effects and special effects makeup studio and school located right in the heart of Denver, Colorado.

Our team has created practical special FX for 18 feature films and numerous TV & media projects and we’re ready to go to work for your production TODAY!

Headed by “Monster” Midian Crosby and Joshua “BoomStick” Adams, we’ve created a monster makeup and movie magic company that brings the visceral audience reactions that only practical special FX provides to every production we work with!

“Monster” Midian has a reputation for being an exceptional department head for practical special effects and FX makeup, props, costuming, and character design.

Monster Makeup FX has a reputation for amazingly realistic, high-quality practical Special FX and special makeup effects that fit every scene and every story; from the hyper-realistic to the ultra-fantastic.

If your story calls for practical special effects and FX makeup, get noticed. Get Monster Makeup FX.

Expertise Includes:

Line Production
Special Effects
“Assembly-line” style Halloween & zombie makeups for haunted attractions
Bullet Hits (non-explosive)
Special Makeup Effects (prosthetics, old-age, etc.)
HD Beauty, Glamour, Fantasy, Corrective, and Coverup Makeup
Costume Design (modern, period)
Custom Props Manufacture
Special FX Makeup Instruction & Teaching

Other Skills:

Hair Styling
Art Department Continuity
Set Dressing
Graphic Design



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