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Misfits Scare the Hell Out of Denver


(By Queen B) The legendary Misfits, consisting of original member Jerry Only on bass and vocals, former Black Flag guitarist Dez Cadena, and Murphy’s Law drummer Eric “Chupacabra” Arce, rocked the Summit Music Hall in Denver on November 20, 2013.  Opening support included The Attack, and Denver bands Plan-B Rejects, and Straight Outta Luck.

Once the Misfits hit the stage, donned in their horror-themed clothing, makeup and stage set, they delivered each song with force and energy, barely stopping between each song. They played a lot of favorites that spanned their 30-year reign of horror punk/metal, with fans singing and rocking out.

Everywhere to be seen was the iconic “Fiend Skull”, which is the official symbol of the group and highly recognizable across generations. Within the crowd were people ranging from your older 1970’s punk rocker, to your 20-30 something’s, down to teens and pre-teens.

The night was filled with punk rock and punk rockers. Even though the Misfits lineup was not all original, they still gave it their all. Some may complain and say that it’s not the Misfits without Danzig, while others don’t care and are happy to still have them around and be able to see them live. To each their own. Either way, it was a great night of punk.

Misfits Pics by Stu Kennedy of SKFunphotos.

Photos by Stu Kennedy 17

Photos by Stu Kennedy 13 Photos by Stu Kennedy 11 Photos by Stu Kennedy 8 Photos by Stu Kennedy 6 Misfits




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