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(Rules of The Gauntlet: The artist (in this case, Missouri alternative rock band, N.a.s.H.) is sent a butt ton of questions ranging from standard to stupid from which they must choose at least 12 to answer and return them to us with a minimum of tear stains).

Tell me why your music rules. Or why it sucks.

Bryan Nash: Haha, do people really tell you why their music sucks? ‘Cause ours does not! At least, we don’t think so. We believe in everything we write; all of it has pieces of us installed. We literally pour everything we can into our songs. They have some semblance of personal experience as the backbone. So if anything or nothing else, that’s why it rules. 

Dylan Johnson: If you like loud drums, big guitars, and catchy choruses, then you’ll probably like our shit.

Which Muppet would you marry, which one would you wanna knife fight in a swamp, and which one should be our global emperor?

Nash: Hmm…  I’d say Annie Sue Pig to marry. She had the singing chops. See what I did there? Swamp death would be Scooter and Gonzo gets the crown.

Johnson: Marry Pig, knife fight Animal cause that would be chaos, and Beaker would be emperor cause that also would be chaos.

Tell me about your new album.  The writing, vibe, production/producers, etc.

Nash: The new album is ‘Incredible Villains’. It’s our second album (first album with the Heavy Metal Records banner). Our writing process is a little eclectic. We write on our own and bring what we have to the rest of the band. We write together in our rehearsal space, or we will go up into the woods together and not come out until the songs are done: words written, etc. Each process works for us. It’s just how we do it. The vibe of this album is really firm. We have a serious love affair with people that come to see us play and we wanted to write an album where that was the underlying theme. Not every song is about that, but that’s the overall feel. We couldn’t do what we do without a room full of people holding us up; picking up what we were putting down. As far as production, this one was pretty much mostly self produced, which is always dangerous, right?  What’s that old saying about someone who represents themselves in court:? “Has a fool for a client.” Being your own producer is dicey because it’s hard to remain objective. Next go around, we will definitely go with a producer again, but this was a really good experiment. We felt like it worked, but it’s a lot of work. Also, we were lucky to have the amazing Ryan Ball of Gearbox Studios wear a couple of hats while we were makin this thing. He was engineer, producer, session musician, and friend all in one. He really killed this thing with us.

Why do you make your style of music? Why not polka? or Japanese symphonic folk metal?

Nash: We actually did a Japanese symphonic folk metal album. It was called ‘Saki Balm’, but we never released it. We decided as a group that we should just stick to hard rock. Maybe one day…

Johnson: I think we just write whatever comes out. We don’t try to write this or try to sound like that.

Jim Bobbi Nash: Damn, how did you know?! Guess we need to change what we were working on for our third album now…

Who are your influences?

Nash: Pearl Jam, Metallica, Chris Cornell, Black Sabbath, KISS, Gus Polinski and the Kenosha Kickers, Sam Cooke, and John Lennon.

Johnson: Hendrix, Nirvana, Bayside, Brand New, Guns N Roses, Sum41, Slipknot, Dillinger Escape Plan, Black Sabbath, and Pantera.

J. Nash: Freddie Mercury, Queen, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Police, Ginger Baker, Keith Moon, Stewart Copeland, Gene Krupa, Mitch Mitchell and R.E.M.

What legendary musicians would you like to play badminton with?

Nash: John Lennon because he is my biggest musical hero and it looks like I could win.

Johnson: Corey Taylor. I can’t think of a scenario that wouldn’t be cool with Corey Taylor.

J. Nash: Ginger Baker because he has such a potty mouth.

What was the last song you listened to before this interview?

Nash: Loverboys’ “Workin’ for the Weekend”. It’s a little bit of a band anthem.

Johnson: Fuckin’ Christmas Shoes. Ask Jim Bobbi.

J. Nash: Haha, Dylan! Gotta get into that Christmas spirit buddy.

What’s the most embarrassing band you listen to?

Nash: Hmm… See above I suppose. Kidding, I’m not embarrassed by anything I listen to. You like what you like. Good music is good music.

Johnson: N.a.s.H. – Ooh, burn!

Why should people experience your music?

Nash: I think the best reason to listen to our music is we hope it makes you feel a part of something. Or it makes you feel something. That’s why we write music. It’s therapeutic for us sure, but we hope that there is someone out there who can relate. That’s why people create I think. I truly hope in my heart that there is someone out there who can take what we have made and have it inspire them. Maybe even in turn drive them to create, or improve, or fall in love? That would mean success to us. 

Johnson: We play music we like and I think that comes across. I think our live show is entertaining and fun. 

J. Nash: I think what we have going on is something that is missing from the current music culture or at least there are very few out there like us. We work very hard to create our music and we want people out there to get a chance to enjoy it. Whether they are listening in their car or hearing us live. We want to provide an experience for them. Then we want to meet you! There is nothing more humbling when someone comes up to me after a show and tells me how they have connected with a song and what it means to them.

Top five favorite albums?

Nash: Ah… ‘Vs’ by Pearl Jam, ‘Master of Puppets’ by Metallica, ‘Sgt Pepper’ by The Beatles, ‘Leave a Whisper’ by Shinedown, ‘Alive!’ by Kiss.

Johnson: ‘Are You Experienced?’ by Hendrix, ‘Appetite for Destruction’ by Guns n Roses, ‘The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me’ by Brand New, ‘Nevermind’ by Nirvana, and ‘Superunknown’ by Soundgarden.

What master musicians would you like to study with?

Nash: I have a bunch. Definitely Eddie Vedder. His lyrics are just perfection. James Hetfield from Metallica; his riff writing is perfection. And Rest In Peace, but Chris Cornell had a voice that is just otherworldly.  I would love to sit with Chris Cornell and Freddie Mercury and just have them tell me what I should be doing with my voice. There will never be others like those two guys.

Johnson: Randy Rhoads, Jack O’Shea from Bayside, Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, Gary Moore, and Buddy Guy.

J. Nash: Freddie Mercury is hands down my answer; on and off stage.

What do you geek out to besides your music?  Please geek out on your geekiness.

Nash: I hate to sound like a square, but the music is pretty much my jam. I’m just not that good at much else, so I leave it to the pros. I love watching Supernatural. I could go on and on about that, I just absolutely love it.  I’d die if they used a song of ours for an episode. Yes, that would complete me.

Johnson: Cars. I love vintage Chevys. I grew up at car shows. I love the looks, the sound ,and the smell of old muscle cars. My 70 Nova is a part of the family. 

J. Nash: Every corner of my apartment is filled with books. I have a problem. I buy too many sneakers and too many books.

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