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Nan Desu Kan 2013 Cosplayers Gallery

Nan Desu Kan LogoNan Desu Kan, known shortly as NDK, is an annual anime convention where people who have a passion for the animated lives of their favorite characters come together. Cosplayers and anime enthusiasts live at the Marriott Hotel located in the Denver Tech Center for three straight days, creating one the best spectacles around, amazing costumes with fun cosplayers.

Pictures by Matthewknowsphotos and Charlie Hanson.

About Nan Desu Kan:


Nan Desu Kan (a Japanese pun translating loosely to ‘what is it?’) began its life in 1997 at the Tivoli Student Union as a small, fan-run convention with just 200 or so attendees. These days, several hotels and more than a decade later, NDK is still a fan-run convention. And with a total weekend attendance of more than 21,000 (over 7,000 people per day), it’s now the largest convention in Colorado and 14 surrounding states (excluding Texas), as well as one of the top 15 largest anime conventions in the country.

Every year, we invite a number of industry guests from North America and Japan to come to NDK, including voice actors, directors, art directors, and others. Our guests put on panels, participate as judges in our contests, and hold autograph sessions throughout the weekend. They’ve even been known to hang out with attendees from time to time. And time after time, we hear how much our guests love NDK and our attendees because they keep asking us if they can come back!

Nan Desu Kan is sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Anime Association, a registered 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, which means every dollar we collect goes toward making Nan Desu Kan better every year and ensuring the long-term sustainability of the con.

(From Wikipedia) Prior to 2000 the convention was known as Nan Desu Kon.[8] Renovations in the hotel were still underway prior to the start in 2003, but did not affect the convention.[9] The convention instituted an attendance cap of 7,500 per day in 2011 due to event quality and attendee comfort concerns.[10] The attendance cap of 7,500 per day continued into 2012 and the convention was a sellout.[2][11]The convention’s contract with the Denver Marriott Tech Center currently runs through 2016. Until then, NDK will continue to operate under an attendance cap. The convention has added the Hilton Garden Inn DTC for additional function space in 2013.[12]

The convention occurred during the 2013 Colorado floods and attendance remained capped at 7,500 attendees.[3] Along with the flooding the fire alarm went off, tornado warnings occurred, long lines occurred, and the masquerade had to be stopped due to an medical emergency. The convention also hosted the World Cosplay Summit Mountain Qualifiers with Green Jello Cosplay winning.

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