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Open Air Stereo’s Scott Pounds Interview

Open Air Stereo

Open Air StereoLaguna Beach, CA’s Open Air Stereo are a rock-pop band that have made it over the mountain and are picking up an insane amount of speed.  The four piece have an excellent album out that dropped in May called Primates, they just got off a very successful tour with Candlebox and will be going out with Hinder and Candlebox this fall.  If Candlebox invites you back you gotta be doing something right. Here’s what Open Air Stereo’s Scott Pounds had to say about the new album and what he geeks out on besides music. 

What was it like putting the new album Primates together?

Scott Pounds: It was a really super super long process.  The band has been around for a very long time, around ten years.  It’s just such a collection of songs that have been written over time and it took close to a year to get the record actually recorded and ready to be put out.  So it was a really long process.  It was really fun cuz we get to play music with our best friends all the time so there’s nothin’ wrong with that but it was a relief to just see it out. 

Because some of the material was older did you have to rework those songs to fit the current state of evolution of the band?

Scott Pounds: Yeah, we did.  We reworked ‘em a little bit.  The first seven tracks we recorded on the record were done with Gavin Brown and he did some stuff not so much structure wise but reworked tones to fit more what we are now.  Over time you grow as musicians so yeah we reworked them a little bit. 

What’s the fan reaction so far?

Scott Pounds: It’s been really good we are obviously super super blessed to be out with Candlebox, super blessed that they took us out on the road, and we got out and the crowd reaction was great.  We feel every night that there’s people out there that we are winning over.  There was a show we had in Des Moines, Iowa in a eleven-hundred capacity club and it was sold out.  We were the first band out of three and we got up there and after the first song the place was going nuts and we were all just looking at each other going, “What?” It’s just things like that because the crowd reaction has been amazing. 

Are you working on any videos for the new album?OAS2

Scott Pounds:  The “Stuck on You” official video is up on Youtube.  It was really cool doing this video.  We did it with Anthony Leonardi he did the Imagine Dragons “It’s Time” video.  It’s funny because two weeks before we were saying wouldn’t it be amazing if we could get the people who did that video?  And somehow it just came to be, through relationships, that somebody knew Anthony and he ended up liking the music and he’s like, “This is great I would love to do this video.” The way it came together is just amazing a true blessing. 

Since it took a while to put the album out are you guys writing while you are on the road for the next one?

Scott Pounds:  We are actually.  We took Peter Stengaard, who produced the last four songs that we did for the record, we took him on the road with us for about a month and half and he has this little studio thing that he set up in the van so while we were driving we wrote. We pumped out like 10 tracks.  So we are in constant write mode and even since I have been home I have put down a couple of ideas.  We all send our ideas to each other on our iPhones.  So we are sitting on a little bit of new material now. We love writing, collectively we love writing so once I imagine it’s time for a new record we will have 50 songs to choose from. 

So what do you geek out on besides music?

Scott Pounds:  Nick and I love sports, we love hockey.  Huge hockey fans.  We are hometown guys, and keep it hometown so we’re Anaheim Ducks fans.  We go to as many games a year that we can with our schedule.  We also love to golf.  We golf constantly.  Usually when we get a long break we are usually golfing.

Open Air Stereo


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