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Otherwise: Vegas’ Brightest Light

The city of lights boasts many an artist flaunting flashy gimmicks and illustrious stage works.   On the edge, Vegas births Otherwise, a deeper level of glamour and guts.     Melodies spark rage and lust along side love and understanding, and are ultimately spun into an intricate web of emotions not easily defined.   The songs are catchy and well structured with lyrics that leave interpretation up to the soul of the listener.

Adrian Patrick claims the driving force of this band and he did not disappoint this Diva.   His vocals, pure and organic, create rough undertones when necessary but echo cleanly when it was not and his dynamism was worth paying to see Otherwise live.   Corky Gainsford pounded out the drum beats in a harrowing display of what can only be called badass especially when the bass drum and Flavio Ivan’s bass guitar play with each other so seamlessly.   Ryan Patrick and Vassilios Metropoulos shared the guitar in a way I see very few bands share the stage.   Co-Guitar is an art and these two string players knew exactly how and where to play off the others’ stage presence and chords.

This is a band that will not disappoint when you see them on stage.   The videos they produced were excellent but their stage presence was beyond reproach.   Grizzly Rock was a decent venue to see the band in, though I look forward to the day when I can catch them on a larger stage.   In my opinion it is only a matter of time before they are singing platinum notes.   They take a short tour run up the East Coast in November so if you are in those areas we hope you come out to see Otherwise.

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