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Gothic/Industrial Band BATAVIA Releases Quite Mean Spirited; An Exploration of Human Malevolence

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 28, 2020 – US gothic/industrial band BATAVIA proudly announces the release of their newest EP, Quite Mean Spirited. The EP is an exploration of malevolence and what drives the human soul to inflict indignities upon their fellow beings. The video for the first single made its premiere on ReGen Magazine on [...]

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Darkwave Goth-Pop Artist THRILLSVILLE Reveals New Single, “The Fever”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 28, 2020:  Los Angeles darkwave goth-pop artist THRILLSVILLE has just released the follow-up to their “Lockdown” single, “The Fever.”   “The Fever” was inspired by an original Twilight Zone episode of the same name. It’s a song about how obsession and addiction can make one descend into madness as a result of never being [...]

August 30, 2020 newdarkagespr Music 0

The Chimpz: “Not Enough” Interview

The Chimpz reside in sunny California with members Artimus Prime (lead vox), Doug Weiand (guitar), Shawn “Sonic” Lyon (bass), and Sean “Cappy” Topham (drums). They’re known for their cross mixture of rock and metal, punk, and hip-hop, so you get a taste of a little bit of everything. Their music is a representation of the [...]

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Columbus, OH based Rock band SOUTH OF EDEN (formerly BLACK COFFEE) has released their debut single and music video, “Dancing With Fire.” The song’s official music video follows the band through months on the road including the band’s first label performance (look out for a cameo by LAVA’s own Jason Flom). It includes footage from South of Eden HQ [...]

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BLUE EYED CHRIST Releases JIM MARCUS Directed Music Video for “Massive React”

LA based Electronic Industrial Rock artist BLUE EYED CHRIST has released a new music video for “Massive React,” off of his new album World on Fire Created by JIM MARCUS (GO FIGHT, DIE WARZAU), “Massive React” was originally premiered on taste-making website mxdwn. “‘Massive React’ mixes a slick synth groove with processed guitars while tackling the effects that corporate greed, technology, and personal [...]

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MAGNOLIA BAYOU Releases New Single, “Sweet Magnolia”

Mississippi based, Southern Blues / Rock Band MAGNOLIA BAYOU has released their newest single, “Sweet Magnolia.” Delicate and uplifting, “Sweet Magnolia” features background vocals by MAGGIE BROWN along with Gus Barnett GUS BARNETT (harp) and WALTON JONES (organ and piano), and was recorded at NATCHEZ SOUND STUDIO. Available to download / stream online, “Sweet Magnolia” is off of the band’s upcoming album, STRANGE PLACE, which [...]

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