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Plastic Daggers Photo Gallery

Photos of Denver-based Plastic Daggers at Hi-Dive on March 10, 2017. Plastic Daggers are currently at SXSW promoting their EP, Shotgun on their Shotgun by Southwest Tour. [...]

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Kaleido Release “Die Tryin” Off of Upcoming ‘Experience’

Detroit based rock band Kaleido has released the third single, “Die Tryin”, off of their upcoming debut album, Experience. Recorded at The Pipeyard Studio in Plymouth, MI, Experience is due to release May 19th, 2017. Kaleido have also announced show dates and will be joining SEETHER on their upcoming POISON THE PARISH WORLD TOUR! Kaleido Tour Dates: 03/31 @ The Machine Shop – Flint, [...]

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Remark Band

Remark Album Review

Remark is the self-titled debut album by Russian alternative rockers Remark. Combining their hard rock influence with alternative hooks and crushing lyrics, Remark has made its ‘mark’ on the Russian music industry while taking the rest of the world by storm. With lyrical content ranging from heartbreak and misery to love and anger, the band [...]

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Blacktop Mojo Band

Blacktop Mojo Album Review

  Blacktop Mojo’s Burn The Ships combine the sounds of country-rock, classic rock, and 90’s alternative rock into one cohesive album.  The production was masterfully done so that these songs are able to translate across multiple platforms, most importantly, in live concerts.  The two songs that stood out the most were the powerful ‘Make a Difference’ and the rock anthem ‘Chains’.  ‘Make a Difference’ showcases the [...]

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Paul Johnson and The About Last Nights Release Official Music Video for “Burn it Down”

Hattiesburg, Mississippi-based Power Pop / Alternative Rockers <strong>Paul Johnson and The About Last Nights</strong> have released the Official Video their single, “Burn It Down.” Originally premiered on <strong><a href=”″ target=”_blank”>Relix</a></strong>, “Burn It Down” is the first single off of their forthcoming, debut EP, <em>Give Up The Ghost</em>, due Spring 2017. <blockquote>”Really, it’s adolescence. Being young, [...]

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Savant Returns with “Surprise”!

After a two year hiatus to refresh and refocus, electronic music scene iconoclast Savant returns with a mischievous gift box of musical originality, “Surprise.” A lighthearted, coming-of-age preview of what’s to come, “Surprise” takes all of the best elements of the last ten years of electronic dance music–House, Glitch, Dubstep, etc.–and melds them into a [...]

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