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Paramore ended the US leg of their 2018 After Laughter Summer Tour (Tour 5) at Red Rocks Amphitheater on July 24. Fans experienced an hour-long delay due to torrential rain and lightning. While many fans waited for the rain to let up in the comfort of the cars, die-hard fans dressed in rain ponchos braved the storm to get a good spot in line.

The line was full of teenage girls wearing glittered eyes, Paramore t-shirts, and black converse. Middle-aged mothers were escorting their adolescent daughters to their very first concerts, the mothers patiently enduring teenage pop culture prattle while ignoring their daughters’ threats to flash the fans in the lines below. Shortly after 7pm, the gates opened to claps and cheers as the line swelled up the pathway.

The concert began with LA-based Jay Som warming up the crowd, followed by Foster the People taking over the stage as the sun began to set. Paramore was welcomed to the stage by riotous cheers from the crowd, many of whom had never seen Paramore live.

Paramore delivered a high-energy performance as Hayley bounced across the stage, kicking her legs in the air while never seeming out of breath from the altitude. Halfway through the show, the band took a short intermission before performing a more intimate three-song set sitting on boxes near the front of the stage. Haley introduced the band after they performed an acoustic version of Drake’s “Passionfruit.” Even as the band sat during the twenty minute interlude, Hayley shook her body and seemed unable to control her urge to dance.

Shortly before the encore, Hayley pulled two fans on stage wearing homemade pink dresses with yellow and green geometric shapes. The pair gave Hayley her own dress, which she wore until leaving the stage before the encore. After the pair helped Hayley belt the last few measures of “Misery Business,” she exclaimed, “You just played Red Rocks,” as they returned to their seats. Not ready to end her crowd interaction, Hayley jumped over the barricade to dance and sing with fans, even bringing another young audience member on stage to dance with her.

Paramore will be heading to Japan on August 18th for five more dates across Asia, ending the tour in Jakarta, Indonesia on August 25th.

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