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Remark Album Review

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Remark is the self-titled debut album by Russian alternative rockers Remark. Combining their hard rock influence with alternative hooks and crushing lyrics, Remark has made its ‘mark’ on the Russian music industry while taking the rest of the world by storm. With lyrical content ranging from heartbreak and misery to love and anger, the band displays an amazing ability to attract fans with emotionally hitting lyrics and beautifully mastered guitars and drums.

The first single from Remark’s debut album is “Wild Run”, which delivers hard-hitting guitars and haunting vocals to create an eerie audial experience that is perfectly captured in their music video, featuring Russian actress Victoria Chernysheva. The song encompasses the general feeling of wanting to escape and be true to yourself.

The second video off Remark to be released was ‘Falling’, which showcases the bands live performance energy while delivering a devastating message of failure and how to pick yourself back up.

Remark Album

Vesna, the third single off the album, is a sweet ballad with Russian lyrics. While you may not be able to understand what singer Yanas is depicting, the emotional swelling and release of the music will give you goose bumps and allow you to create your own story; repurposing the song to however you see fit.

The remaining five songs continue the theme of crunching guitars and heartfelt lyrics. “Love Song” is a touching ballad, pointing out the softer side of the band while songs like “Rage” and “H.C.E” present the bands metal influences with rocking guitar solos and heavy lyrics.

This album has the lyrics to emotionally catch audiences with music that gets the listener’s blood pumping. While remaining on the softer side of some of their musical influences, Remark is a combination of the best side of the band’s subgenres, crafting a piece of work that is sure to carry them forward to international success.

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