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RH3’s New Video Premiere: “Drop It On The One”


Premieres Music Video From


 “Drop It On The One” 


“Drop It On The One” Available on iTunes here:

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Papercha$er Remix Here.

 Four-time Billboard 100 charting producer, RH3, has just premiered his brand new video for “Drop It On The One,” directed by Dale Restigini (Lil’ Wayne, Flo Rida, Fallout Boy), on Zimbio, today.  The track is RH3’s second single from his debut album Fresh & Futuristic, to be released 2014.  When asked about the track, RH3 explains, “Drop It On The One” is all about having fun, dancing, expression and enjoying this blessed wonderful life we are so privileged to live.”  Check out the video for “Drop It On The One” on, here: {LINK}.  “Drop It On The One” is also available on iTunes, here:

 RH3 is third-generation music royalty.  His grandfather is the legendary Roy Hamilton, who sang hits including “Unchained Melody” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”  Elvis Presley even credited Hamilton Sr. as being one of his mentors.  RH3 is known for producing music for legends including Michael Jackson and R. Kelly as well as working on critically acclaimed projects such as N’Sync’s Celebrity, Brittney Spears’ In The Zone, Nas’ Nastradamus, and many more.  Early in RH3’s career he excelled as the Director of A&R for Capitol Records.  In 2004, he was the youngest African-American record label executive in the history of the company.

Additionally, RH3 has had four “Top 40” hits including Billboard #1 Pop hit, “Stutter” recorded by Joe, featuring MysticalNow RH3 is stepping into the spotlight with an upcoming album of his own.  When asked about his personal sound, RH3 describes his music as “Soulful Electronic Music with melody and great audio storytelling. The overall vibe is very eclectic!”

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“RH3 has a unique way of making you feel comfortable in the studio and his sound is amazing!” –Britney Spears

 “[RH3] is a truly gifted music man!”-Justin Timberlake

“[RH3] is a genius, the world better be ready for his gift!”-R. Kelly

“[RH3] Hamilton III is one of my favorite producers!”- Jamie Foxx
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