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More Ric Zweig & Fresh Air

Ric Zweig – Vocals
Alex Mallet – Lead Guitar
Ricky Risquez – Bass
Miguel Cruz – Drums
Ric Zweig and The Fresh Air band are pleased to announce the release of their new album “More Ric Zweig & Fresh Air”  
Upon his admission to law school , he put his music career on hold to become a lawyer and eventually serve as a Circuit Court Judge in Miami, FL.  Now retired, Ric Zweig has resumed a musical career and now after 12 years and the recording of 5 albums of original music, Ric has emerged as one of the premier singer/songwriters in the South Florida area.  Along with his band “FRESH AIR”, which he fronts as lead singer, Ric plays  originals, select covers and adaptations that truly reflect his deep musical roots.
The new album consists of 10 tracks, each with it’s own unique style of modern day Eagles/Pink Floyd but with totally different vocals.    Ric Zweig and Fresh Air’s new album is a record that proves to be, as already noted, a breath of fresh, musical air for true music lovers everywhere.
Ric Zweig and Fresh Air’s new LP More Ric Zweig and Fresh Air is an impressive new effort from the independent Florida-based outfit.  That is because of the variety of musical and lyrical moods exhibited throughout the record as evidenced in each of the songs discussed here.  From joyous to deeply contemplative to just happy and points in-between, this record offers plenty for audiences to appreciate.
As a whole, Ric Zweig & Fresh Air’s  album together is a great experience that shows no matter the turns life takes, Music is always a foundation of the heart and speaks a language all can understand no matter the education or social status level.
More Ric Zweig and Fresh Air only cost 5 bucks in which every dollar will be donated to the American Cancer Society for each CD sold.
The album is now available and can be purchased at:

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