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Rise of the Guardians – Review

(By Meli) Oh no it’s the Boogeyman everyone run for your lives!!!    At least that is how it is translated in spanish.    We took the kids to see this movie opening weekend and they loved it!    Make sure to keep the young ones close by because there are a few scary parts.    At one point our 5 year old said “mom take the popcorn I’m scared”.    He remembered a movie last year that scared him so much he tossed the whole bucket of popcorn in the air showering unsuspecting movie goers.    It was priceless!    It seems 3D can be fun and terrifying for young kids.    And while I’m thinking about it please, please would the makers of 3D glasses think about those of us that wear actual glasses!!!!    I dislike seeing 3D movies because the glasses suck that much!    And there is always that tiny light on the walls that reflects into the side of the glasses and makes viewing the entire screen impossible.    Come on people I know I’m not the only one this happens to.

So what’s it about?    It’s about the typical, selfish bad guy Pitch (Jude Law) that wants to ruin life for everyone.    The Guardians consist of North (Santa), Bunny (The Easter Bunny), Tooth (The Tooth Fairy) and the Sandman.    He doesn’t have a big name actor doing his voice because he never speaks.    I found this interesting and amusing since he has to get creative to communicate.    There is one more character that I’ve not mentioned yet Jack Frost (Chris Pine).    I’ve heard him referred to a million times in my life and there was even a movie made about him where he is portrayed as a snowman.  Hmm…well, however you pictured him before, in this movie he is a boy.    He likes to have fun with the other children, even though they can’t see him.    He has a bad reputation among the Guardians and when the Moon tells them Jack Frost must be made one of them in order to defeat Pitch…well they are less than enthusiastic.

The movie continues with it’s face pace and eventually tells the story of how Jack Frost came to be.    This is something he didn’t know and was struggling to find his place in the world and why he is the way he is.    As the movie continues and Pitch seems to be winning the battle, kids stop believing in Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth fairy.    As this happens the Guardians world starts to change and things start to disappear.    The race is on to make the kids believe again, and one remaining light of hope is Jaime (Dakota Goyo).    No matter what has happened he still believes.    In the process Jack himself starts to have a change of heart, will he help the Guardians in order to discover who he is, or will he help them because it’s for the good of the children of the world?    I’m not going to ruin it for you.    Lets just say it’s a good movie, lots of laughs, go see it with your kids.

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