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Rock Comic Con at the Armoury, June 13/14th

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RockComicCon_LogoYel11-300x189Denver, CO – Grab your capes, light saber and zombie attire, ROCK COMIC CON is returning for two nights in Denver the weekend of the Denver Comic Con from June 13th-14th, 2014. Scheduled for performances at Comic Cons around the country, the annual ROCK COMIC CON is known for its rock solid sold-out performances, hilarious antics and celebration of all things nerdy.

ROCK COMIC CON – The Nerd Music Festival
2048 Larimer St, Denver, CO
TICKETS: Single Day Passes: $15 / 2-Night Pass: $25

The first event of its kind, ROCK COMIC CON delivers a rare combination of nerd rock, humor and art for a full-bodied experience, second to none. Taking a page right out of nerd rock-star manual the 7th perennial ROCK COMIC CON – Nerd Music Festival will be hosted by NYC’s own, Geekie-nominated H2Awesome!, and will feature music by Schaffer, The Dark Lord, H2Awesome!, Total Ghost, 3D6, Magic Cyclops, Daenerys & The Targaryens, Pandora Celtica, Goldensole, and Rainbow Dragon Eyes.. ROCK COMIC CON promoters are also partnering with DENVER DRINK AND DRAW to bring professional cartoonists along with local and national artists into the fold, where they will make a visual splash with live art and competitions throughout both nights.

Celebrating its third year in the Mile High City, promoters at ROCK COMIC CON will continue their mission to help support charitable causes through a number of fund-raising and benefit opportunities supporting local and national artists alike. The 2014 Denver ROCK COMIC CON will provide proceeds from the event to Kirby4Heroes, the Hero Initiative and a brand new local Scholarship fund developed by ROCK COMIC CON to celebrate the behind-the-scenes efforts of Frank Romero and Charlie LaGreca for their work establishing the Comic Book Classroom and Denver Comic Con in Denver. Details on the new local scholarship fund are forthcoming, and will be announced in the coming weeks.

Don’t miss your chance to rock out with your nerd out for two incredible nights this June at Denver’s 3rd Annual ROCK COMIC CON. Tickets are on sale now at and are expected to sell quickly.

“pure punk rock goodness” – Comic Geek Speak
Straight out of the NYC comedy community (Upright Citizens Brigade, the Groundlings) H2Awesome! cut their comedy teeth with such notables as Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Adam McKay, Rob Riggle and others. Recently nominated for a Geekie award for their freshmen release, Zero Charisma, the 5 piece nerd-rock outfit celebrates pop culture through the lens of punk-rock anthems, well-crafted humor and over the top stage antics for a one-of-a-kind musical experience that you have to see to believe. Their first LP was released in 2013 and is available on iTunes and Bandcamp.

Total Ghost
Despite their roots as a fake internet band, Total Ghost has quickly become a very real band that hails from Denver, Colorado and performs under the fictional guise of German electrokraut pioneers. The comical nature of the two, Chön and Biktor and their dance music, powered by jumpy synths, marching bass kicks, and classic builds is threaded with comical call and response lyrics. Their first video, “Custom Birthday” gained over 55,000 views within six months of its YouTube release and their fourth music video, “Tour Life” was featured at the Festivus Film Festival, where it won the “Best Music Video” award. It’s music that rockets beyond its gimmick, and into the stratosphere of a giant space party (with lightning)!

Magic Cyclops
Magic Cyclops is a strange, funny and occasionally offensive rock ‘n’ roll character who is most well known for his raucous appearance on American Idol. He has DJ’d parties and clubs throughout Denver, competed in air guitar competitions all over the U.S. and made music — with the ‘almost-hit’ Unicorns in Space.

Daenerys and the Targaryens
Daenerys and the Targaryens come all the way to Denver from Westeros and the 7 Kingdoms where the Mother of Dragons will be burning up the stage. They are the first (and so far, only) Game of Thrones Punk Rock Band Experience that we know of and are sure to burst into dragon flames in our corporeal realm.
TWITTER: @danyandthetargs

Pandora Celtica

“We are Pandora Celtica, a dark faerie vocal band from the land of Dream and Myth. We’ve been brought together by the Queen of the Fae for your entertainment. We bring you rich harmonies, tribal drumming and ancient songs of sorrow, loss and longing. Be you fae or goblin, lord or lady, angel or demon or some other kith… we invite you to take off the mask that you show to the mundane world and revel with us as you truly are. Let us move you.  Let us thrill you.  Let us free you.  We thank you for inviting us to share in this mad faerie celebration you call Rock Comic Con! Please do visit us in our realms on the interwebs at and”

Goldensole, a local band from Denver, Colorado, started as a band trying to reconnect with their roots. Classic Rock influences throughout each member, driving to make an effort to bring the creative Analog sound of the 70′s back. A 4 piece of pure Rock N’ Roll, captures the crowd with creative originals, and also bringing some covers of the Golden Age to show where the ideas flow from.

3D6 ”Nerd Punk pioneers 3d6 captivate listeners worldwide with their unique amalgam of witty lyrics and relentless punk rock. Their infectious songs profess their love of all things nerdy – from Dungeons and Dragons, to comics, movies, cartoons, and video games – whilst reminding us to be proud of who we truly are and embrace what we truly love. Clever, immature, ridiculous, hilarious, perverted, brilliant, and always entertaining…3d6 will continue their aural assault until global domination has been achieved.

Unless the robots beat them to it.”

Rainbowdragoneyes began carving his own niche in 2006, and has remained there ever since. Using primitive video game hardware such as the Nintendo GameBoy and Sega Genesis, he writes what can only be described as Extreme Chiptune Dance Metal… adding equal parts whimsical prose, anthemic melody and unequivocal fury with his vocal assault.

He has performed all across the country on tour and at festivals, conventions and Expos. He continues to bridge the gap between Metal, Chiptune, VGM, and sheer absurdity with his third album “The Secret Mirror,” to be released in the coming months leading up to a US/Canada tour with Nekrogoblikon, and a UK tour with Alestorm.






Kirby4Heroes – The Hero Initiative
Since its inception, The Hero Initiative (Formerly known as A.C.T.O.R., A Commitment To Our Roots) has had the good fortune to grant over $500,000 to over 50 comic book veterans who have paved the way for those in the industry today. The Hero Initiative is the first-ever federally chartered not-for-profit corporation dedicated strictly to helping comic book creators in need. Hero creates a financial safety net for yesterdays’ creators who may need emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work. It’s a chance for all of us to give back something to the people who have given us so much enjoyment.


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