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EP THE INVISIBLE PLAN  September 20th pre-order, October 18th release

New York, NY ““ (September 14, 2011) — In its 13 years on the music scene, Kidneythieves has attracted fans of everyone from Nine Inch Nails and  Florence + The Machine  to  Massive Attack and A Perfect Circle,  but in reality the band itself defines a genre of its own, making it quite difficult to compare them to anyone. Led by Free Dominguez ( If Trent Reznor had a female alter ego, it’d be Free Dominguez” ““ Seventeen Magazine) and Bruce Somers, (John 5ive, Good Charlotte, Filter) Kidneythieves are prolific writers and fearless performers, equally comfortable with their music being considered hard-hitting as well as atmospheric. It is the latter tracks that have become fan favorites, even finding their way into mainstream television shows. With the release of  THEINVISIBLE PLAN looming (September 20th pre-order and October 18th release) the band promises that fans will not be disappointed. Music lovers with tastes ranging from electronic, goth, metal, industrial and of course rock will certainly be satisfied, yet the band is confident the new material will surely add several new categories to this list.


Regarding the new release, Bruce says: We wanted  THE INVISIBLE PLAN to go a little more to the electronic side ““ a little less guitar, a little more experimenting with different types of keyboard sounds and more texture…The result, for me, is that this is one of the best things we’ve done. It’s something new ““ it’s loud but groovy, with an amazing story and amazing lyrics.”


The partnership between Bruce and Free began at a Los Angeles restaurant in 1997. Bruce ““ quite literally ““ brought to the table a background in industrial rock ala Nine Inch Nails and metal ala Rage Against the Machine. Free came in with more of an affinity for hip-hop, trip-hop, and beat-music, along the lines of Bjork, Massive Attack and Portishead. Together, music history continues to be made. Everything from Kidneythieves’ urban legend name to the band’s mystical logo and, more importantly, its meticulously crafted sound and lyrics, confirm that the word unique does indeed apply. As PopMatters put it, Kidneythieves strikes that balance of sinister and sexy that appeals directly to goth/industrial fans, but also has a broader rock appeal.”


As novice performers and veterans of arenas and small theatres alike, Kidneythieves have shared the stage with The Used, OTEP, Unwritten Law, KMFDM and Tommy Lee, to name a few.    Always conscious of their eco-footprint, Kidneythieves’ upcoming album  THE INVISIBLE PLAN will be encased in biodegradable packaging that can actually be planted, and all the music was recorded in a completely solar powered studio.


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