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(Rules of The Gauntlet: The artists (In this case Bay Area’s own Sea In The Sky) is sent a butt ton of  questions ranging from standard to stupid  from which they must choose  at least  12 to answer and return them to us with a minimum of tear stains).  

Tell me why your music rules. Or why it sucks.

Our music is all over the place. In a good way of course! We have plenty of variety in our music. There’s funky bass lines, insane drum fills, tasty leads, and soothing vocals on top of all of that. What we think makes our music rule is the fact that we can hint at other genres effortlessly within a single song.

Tell me about your new album. The writing, vibe, production/producers, etc.

‘Everything All at Once’ is our first full length album. It features ten brand new songs that truly showcase what each band member has to offer. Rodney and I wrote most of the songs then supplied demos for the rest of the band to learn and write over. Sam wrote lyrics and melodies while Daniel added his own style to the pre-written drum parts. We started recording the album in April of 2016 at Fang Studios with our good friend Nick Loiacono, then sent it off to Kris Crummett of Interlace Audio for mixing and mastering. Both of them are so talented at what they do! It was a pleasure working with them.

How often do you work on your music?

24/7 man! If we’re not practicing or writing new material, we’re listening to new music for inspiration and learning new things. Bettering ourselves as people and musicians is always on our mind!

Peace or freedom? (You can’t have both.) Why?

Freedom because being able to express ourselves is, in our own opinion, more important than keeping the peace. Having the option of freedom allows for expansion and growth of an individual which is undoubtedly vital to evolving.

What’s the stupidest thing you have ever heard someone say?

We have had vocals in our band for the past couple of years so it’s pretty hilarious when someone is shocked to find out we added a singer to our band. Like, where have you been the past two years?

Who are your influences?

All of us in Sea in the Sky come from different musical backgrounds so that itself brings so much to the table as far as creativity and influences. We are heavily influenced by bands like Circa Survive, Dance Gavin Dance, Periphery, Plini, Intervals, Chon, Snarky Puppy and The Contortionist.

Which Muppet would you marry, which one would you wanna knife fight in a swamp, and which one should be our global emperor? Why?

I would marry Floyd Pepper for his artistic abilities and spunky personality. I would have a knife fight in a swamp with Miss Piggy because it would be particularly easy fight considering her high maintenance personality and lifestyle – which would certainly be a downfall in a swamp. Finally, I believe that Sweetums should be our global emperor because despite his rather aggressive appearance he is gentle and soft-natured.

Name two people cooler than Evel Kneivel. Why?

My two choices are Steve-O and Quentin Tarantino. They’re both very different people but are respectfully cooler than Evel Kneivel. Steve-O is cooler for his ability to be flexible with his entertainment along with his own personal life achievements. Quentin Tarantino is a whole different kind of cool but still certainly tops Knievel. He’s an incredible writer and director with the way he can portray so many meanings, messages and emotions in films. That takes a truly special person to do that.

What do you geek out to besides your music? Please geek out on your geekiness.

I love retro video games and gaming in general! I know an unnecessarily big amount of information about retro systems and games and I just started collecting too. If you need any questioned answered about the Nintendo Gameboy or the first 151 Pokemon then I’m your man!

What are your detailed thoughts on yodeling?

Yodeling is truly great and a very good example of what one can achieve with their vocal abilities. I believe that it should be more commonly done and respected.

How many unarmed but very angry 4 year olds would it take to kick your ass?

I’m a pretty big buy so I would say at least 20-25. They are really weak so I’m sure I could slap em around pretty easily until I get tired.

What would you like to say to your fans?

Thank you all so much for the support. It amazes me and the rest of the band how much people listen to us. We promise we’ll hit the road soon and play a show in a city near you. We truly appreciate every single one of you!

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