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Sinister – Review

(By Meli)

I don’t want to watch, I don’t want to watch!”   My poor wife was a trooper she hates movies like this, but said yes when I asked her to watch it with me.   Can I have a collective awwww?   About 15 minutes into the movie she would shut her eyes and plug her ears during the scary bits.   Just tell me what happens.”   I happily relayed what happened in non-graphic terms so she could follow along.   So if you haven’t guessed yet this movie has quite a bit of voilence and graphic scenes as well as things that go bump in the night.   In fact, this is how Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke), true crime writer, happens to stumble across some old home made movies in the attic of his recently purchased home.   A home he should have mentioned to his wife Tracy (Juliet Rylance) and two kids, that had recently been the scene of a quadruple homicide and one missing kid.   Say what?   Yep, he moved all of them to this murder house so he could be closer to the material he needs for his latest book.   Can’t get much closer than living in their house!   And his response when his wife finds out where they moved to…Well, it didn’t exactly happen in the house. It was in the backyard!   Priceless!

So Oswalt (Hawke) takes the time to watch each of the movies he found.   For those of us that enjoy this kind of film you will be amused at the titles of each of the home movies after you see what they are about, or maybe you won’t and I’m the only sick monkey in the room.   Eh, the movies are basically snuff films and rather than take them   to the police Oswalt decides to let greed and pride take over.   He wants to use all this new material in his book hoping for the days of old when he was on top of the world with a best selling book.   What a dumbass.

The movie definitely has some creepy moments, but a lot of it reminds me of movies like The Ring and the hit TV show American Horror Story.   Oh no we just saw a creepy image, we’re gonna die!   Ugh, been there done that.   However, I did enjoy it.   I would have liked to hear more about our bad guy/god/serial killer.   And I will always wonder why Oswalt didn’t go see the professor that had the info on the creepy dude, but whatever.   All in all the movie could have been better with a few tweaks, but I was still entertained.   One last thing before I go party my ass off for New Years.   Their son Trevor (Michael Hall D’Addario) looked way too much like a girl.   Please for the love of all movie goers stop casting little boys that look like little girls!   And is there an English major in the house?   Could you tell me, if a person is hung by the neck until dead wouldn’t we refer to them as being hanged?   Anyone, anyone…Bueller?

1 out of 5 Jell-O shots.  Remember it’s a bassackwards drunkin rating system.

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