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STRIKER to open for METALLICA’s two sold-out shows in Edmonton, Canada!

It is with great pleasure that NAPALM RECORDS announces that  Canadian heavy metal squadron STRIKER will be opening the legendary METALLICA’s two sold-out shows in Edmonton, Alberta  (Canada) on August 17th and 18th at Rexall Place!  Riding high on the critical acclaim afforded their latest NAPALM release,  Armed to the Teeth,  STRIKER will be playing in front of 18,000 people both nights – and in their hometown!Vocalist Dan Cleary had the following to say about this momentous event: “We are so stoked to be opening for a band that had such an impact on us growing up! This is insane! And in our hometown, too! This could easily be the biggest show we get to play ever, and we are so grateful! So pumped!!!”
STRIKER’s  Armed to the Teeth  was released in North America on August 7th through NAPALM RECORDS, and has been reaping a whirlwind of acclaim.  A mere sampling of the latest press reaction:
“¢ Devastating” ““  Outburn [8/10 rating]
“¢ Striker may be from a different continent and several decades late to the NWOBHM party, but this album simply oozes the spirit of the age that inspires it” ““  Powerplay
“¢ Will have you head-banging down memory lane” ““ [4/5 rating]
“¢ An extremely solid tribute to traditional heavy and speed metal” ““
“¢ An excellent representation of Canadian old-school metal” ““ [8/10 rating]
“¢ Cheesy speed metal at its best” ““ [4/5 rating]
“¢ It’s good to see someone new/young on this side of the pond getting recognition (signed!) for plying a long-lost trade” ““
“¢ An album that is going to set the modern heavy metal world alight” ““  Get Your Rock Out webzine
“¢ Could have been released in the ’80s and fit right in” ““
“¢ A perfect example of speed metal” ““
“¢ It’s quite some time since Canada unleashed a credible metal act on the world, but Striker attack from the off to suggest mainstream success is theirs for the taking” ““
“¢ There are indeed riffs aplenty all over this record, and fans of traditional heavy metal will find much to satisfy them here” ““
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