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Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein Interview

Interview with the legendary Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein. [...]

April 23, 2015 Grooveyness, Music

A Lot of Snot!: Guitarist Mikey Doling Interview and Live Photo Gallery

Snot’s first and really only album Get Some is one of the most important works of that era and set the bar so high that bands today are still trying to figure out how the hell to hit it’s level [...]

December 10, 2014 Grooveyness, Music

Horror Icon Michael Berryman Interview at Mile High Horror Film Festival

Horror Icon Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes/The Devil's Rejects) Interview at Mile High Horror Film Festival. Mr. Berryman speaks about scaring Rod Serling, what he's working on now and that rad Blade Runner shirt he is wearing. [...]

October 16, 2014 Flicks, Grooveyness

A Very Festive Interview with the Legendary Tony Todd at the Mile High Horror Film Festival

The legendary Tony Todd (Candyman/Call of Duty/The Crow) interview at the Mile High Horror Film Festival. We learn about the upcoming Star Trek: Axanar and a major upcoming video game project then things just get silly. [...]

October 16, 2014 Flicks, Geek, Grooveyness