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Tamar Haviv Premieres New Video “The Good Has Won”

Photo: Ron Haviv/VII | Art: Kazoo Studios
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“Terrific debut”
– Paul McCartney
 – Amy Ray, Indigo Girls
“Sunny and lush and cheerful and glockenspieltastic!”
 “Tamar Haviv is going places!”
– American Songwriter
“Haviv delivers a left of center lyricism
in a voice of endearing intimacy and fearless authenticity.”
– Music Connection Magazine
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New York, NY – Quirky singer-songwriter, Tamar Haviv has teamed up with Culture Collide to premiere her new video,”The Good Has Won” today! “The Good Has Won” features Damien Echols, renowned author and one of the West Memphis Three who spent more than 18 years on death row for a crime he did not commit. Now living in NYC, Echols celebrates the message of “The Good Has Won” alongside Tamar in this inspirational new video. Watch “The Good Has Won” on Culture Collide, here:
“The Good Has Won” originally released off of Tamar’s debut album You and Me Without Pajamas, which came out on July 29th! With a refreshing range of heartfelt ballads, fun pop tunes and tales of love and longing, the album features various notable musicians such as Jerry Marotta (Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel, Indigo Girls), Sara Lee (The B-52’s, Ani DiFranco) and Kevin Salem (Rachael Yamagata, Mandy Moore).
While crafting You and Me Without Pajamas, Tamar gave herself permission to write simple and, at times quirky, songs. “I let myself express my purist desires. For example simply saying ‘I like you,’ unpacking that thought from all the potential luscious poetry around it, it’s keeping it in its rawist form. It was hard for me to let myself do this, I was pretty judgemental about some of these songs because the writing can seem quite dumbed down – but there’s also something so unabashedly freeing and exciting about keeping things so simple and direct, quite new for me as a super over-analytical & wordy gemini,” she says.
Tamar has been writing songs for as long as she can remember. After she landed a spot as a finalist at Lilith Fair, Tamar began to take music more seriously and sought out the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts founded by Sir Paul McCartney. After fully immersing herself in a community with other musicians, Tamar graduated and moved to Woodstock, where she began working at a music studio. It was here that she focused more on her songwriting and guitar, dove into production ideas and met some of the musicians featured on her album.
You and Me Without Pajamas blends Tamar’s lively demeanor with her more sensitive side. Tracks like “Pining” impress with sweeping piano and whispered vocals while the playful “Girls Away from Girls” even had Paul McCartney singing along. Dubbing You and Me Without Pajamas a “Terrific debut!,” the former Beatle isn’t the only one impressed with Tamar’s music. A major influence on Tamar, Amy Ray of theIndigo Girls praises her music as well, calling her release “Excellent.” “Both Amy Ray’s music and intentions have taught me loads. Her voice just carries me,” Tamar says. “She is a strong person and takes a stand behind important political & human rights movements. Through my experience as her audience member I’ve also come to realize how much of a mentor an artist can be and when their intentions are for the betterment of all. It’s a true gift.” 
Tamar hopes to connect with her fans the same way Amy has done with hers. “I’ve survived because of the work of other artists. I would love my music to be a blanket for people on a hard night,” she says. “I would love to be able to be in people’s lives that way and for my work to be able to comfort.”
Tamar has lived a nomadic lifestyle and often leads with her intuition. As a result, her dreams have helped guide her on her path – bringing her both melodies and direction.
You and Me Without Pajamas officially released on July 29th, 2014. Stream You and Me Without Pajamas on ARTISTdirect, here: To purchase You and Me Without Pajamas, please visit iTunes, here: or on Bandcamp, here: For updates, please visit:

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