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(By Liat) Rock music comes in so many forms that you could described this kind of music as sometimes angry, emotional, soft, full of beats, and it can even make you want to jump out of  your seat and dance!  I have listened to the young, talented artist Tess Dunn, which indeed;  I must say demonstrates some of those things in her songs.

When I looked at the photos and videos of Tess, the first impression is that she is an energetic, motivated, talented, and creative, but mostly a happy person.

Tess Dunn is a singer from Santa Cruz and at the age of 17 shows a musical talent that not many people her age have. She has already released 2 albums, the first was in 2009 called Darling Just Walk and the second Honesty Box  was released in 2012.

She has been battling cystic fibrosis, epilepsy, and diabetes, but still manages to go on tour and create fun, cool music.  I would honestly say that when I heard some of Tess’s songs she reminded me a bit of Avril lavigne at the beginning of her pop-rock career.  I consider Tess a brave, strong, girl who can easily be a role model.

On one hand, Tess’s songs are diverse and show that this young lady can make good music.  Songs like “Fire”, “Shame to see” and “Dormitory” bring out her pop-rock style which honestly made me move my feet while listening.  Also she can show her more, shall I say  “serious” side in some of her songs such as:  “Let It Go” and “Sunny Walks Away” which again shows that despite her young age, she can create “mature” music.

On the other hand, when I listened to songs such as “Before You Go” or “Make You Smile”,  and could get a feeling that I was listening to a show of a high school kids’ band and not necessarily a young artist who has 2 albums already in her resume.

I think Tess Dunn is talented and can be a wonderful role model for teens with her life story and her musical achievements, yet I think she is only at the beginning of her musical process.  I feel she still has to gain more experience as an artist till she finds her true sound.  Teenagers can relate to her now, but I am sure in the future she will be an artist that all ages will listen to.

Tess Dunn

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