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The Chimpz: “Not Enough” Interview

The Chimpz reside in sunny California with members Artimus Prime (lead vox), Doug Weiand (guitar), Shawn “Sonic” Lyon (bass), and Sean “Cappy” Topham (drums). They’re known for their cross mixture of rock and metal, punk, and hip-hop, so you get a taste of a little bit of everything. Their music is a representation of the everyday struggles in the streets of Los Angeles, California. At one time All Access Magazine described the vocals as “intense with lyrics that are intelligent and insightful, yet never simplistic or pretentious”, going on to say that “The lyrics will make you think” and “will make you question your life and your values”

If you ever have the chance to see them live, you won’t be disappointed. They bring their music to life when they’re up on that stage, no matter how big or small the crowd is, they put their all in each and every performance. They’ve grown a very loyal and dedicated following since starting this band in 2005.

You can catch their songs like “Mr. 44” and “Right to Left” on the hit FX show Sons of Anarchy, MTV’s “Bam Margera’s Unholy Union”, NBC’s “The Challenge”, MTV’s “Real World”, Fox Sports, Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell”, Action Sports TV show “Adrenalina” and more!

They recently released a new music video for the song “Not Enough” produced, arranged, and mixed by Ryan Green, and released through Rock Solid Entertainment. I had the pleasure of interviewing Artimus Prime. Interview down below:

Please state your name and position you play in the band:  

Greetings and salutations. My name is Artimus Prime. The Chimpz are based out of California. I am the vocalist and rhythm guitar player in the band.

1.You just released a new music video for your new single “Not Enough”, can you tell me about the music video and the significance of the song?

The new music video for our single “Not enough” was filmed at Tigerlabs in the San Fernando Valley, California. This location made it extra fun and special for us to bring out the creative side of the song.

The significance of the song is about not being able to hold on to someone, because the bad outweighs the good in a relationship. Sometimes you have to let go because it is not enough and at the same time you have had enough.

(Official Video) The Chimpz “Not Enough”  

2. With the whole Covid Pandemic this year, was it difficult to promote the new single, film the music video, and why did you guys decide to release a whole video and not wait until things calmed down?

With the covid pandemic going on it was not difficult to promote the music video because everything is done by social media nowadays and we also have a great publicist.  Named Yvonne Laughlin “YvonnesWorld” . Who does an awesome job of helping us reach out to people and get us heard.  We also have a great record label “Rock Solid Talent Entertainment”  who has helped push our music in the UK!!  We are very thankful to have a great team pushing and promoting to get our music heard.

3. Has the pandemic affected The Chimpz and your goals? Such as income, recording, filming, and so forth.

The covid pandemic has definitely slowed everything down for all musicians and live entertainment throughout our country. It has affected our Income, recording, performance, filming, and our thrive to show our talent to a public audience.

4. How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

With everyone at home because of the whole pandemic, in order to have your music liked and heard the internet is the only way to be able to get your numbers up and reach out to people as entertainers.

5. What is your creative process like? And what motivates you to continue?

When it comes down to The Chimpz and the creative process, we all have different music preferences, but in the same style. Usually one of us will come up with a tune or riff, and after that we end up mutating the song to our liking as a team.

6. In the near future, who would you like to collaborate with? Or are there any special guests we should be looking forward to already? 

God only knows when the Covid pandemic will end. With that being said. We are open to any great artist out there who is open and hungry to collaborate with. The Chimpz are definitely starving to make new music.

7. What is your favorite song to perform and why? 

I love performing all The Chimpz songs, but currently the song I prefer is (Not enough).

8. Who is your biggest influence right now in the music industry?  

I have quite a catalog of influences, but if I could name a few it would be: Nonpoint, Yelawolf, Twenty-One Pilots, and Deftones.  

The Chimpz music is  available on SpotifyApple Music and all other streaming platforms 

For more information visit:

The Chimpz Official Website





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