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(Rules of The Gauntlet: The artists (In this case New York Based Alt-Rock Band The Inoculated Canaries) is sent a butt ton of  questions ranging from standard to stupid  from which they must choose  at least  12 to answer and return them to us with a minimum of tear stains).  

Tell me about your new album. The writing, vibe, production/producers, etc.
I’m really hyped about the new album. We wanted to take some space to showcase our talents, namely our ability to jump around from genre to genre. The vibe is singular throughout the ep – we’re a rock band and we always will be – but the execution is pretty diverse. We experimented with some brass, with a sitar and with a resonator guitar. But there’s a lot of punchy distorted guitar and cymbal crashes as well. Our thought process pretty much is “if you don’t like one song, try the next one out.” We wrote all of the songs during the time span of a week when we locked ourselves in my basement and decided to write and record a whole song every. The stars aligned when we met Dave Caggiano, our producer, who finally understood what we were going for in terms of working environment and different textures on the record.
What do you geek out to besides your music? Please geek out on your geekiness.
I am really into cars. My dad bought a mustang a month after I was born and it’s been a pain in my ass ever since. Don’t get me wrong though, the memories I have in that car are so much more valuable than the crap I have to deal with while oning it. I used to sit on my pops’ lap and steer when I was little. On the weekend, we would go to the ice cream shoppe down the road in it and on the way back, he would floor it and shove the back end sideways. As a little kid, there’s nothing like the feeling of being in a car skidding sideways with the engine roaring as loudly as it can. For all I knew, my pops was Mario Andretti behind the wheel. I got my license and it’s my only car now. The rest of the guys in the band make fun of me because the damn thing always seems to be in the shop getting fixed. I’ve had the brakes go out on me, my mom blew a hole in the side of the engine block back in 08’, the check engine light is eternally on, and at about 105 mph there’s a really unsettling shaking from the passenger front wheel.
How many unarmed but very angry 4 year olds would it take to kick your ass?
In all honesty, probably not as many as you’d think. 4 year olds are damn terrifying. Especially if they’re drooly. If they’re drooly, definitely only 2 or 3 of them. I’m very squeamish.
If you won a chance to kiss Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber how would you escape
to the space station?
But if I could get a photo of Miley kissing Biebs I could definitely figure out a way to use it for my own benefit. Space Station? Isn’t Earth technically a space station? Can you ever really leave the island?
Name two people cooler than Evel Kneivel. Why?
My dad, and Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill was relentless in his quest to stop one of the most evil dictators in all of human history. My dad cooks a mean steak.
Without looking which presidents are on which bills?
Washer Georgington is on the $1
Frank Zappa is on the $2
James Terranova is a $3
Lincoln Town Car is on the $5
There’s just some building or something on the $10
Taft should be on the $20
As a local musician, I’ve never seen a $100 but I’m pretty sure the guy who invented electricity is on it.
What musicians should quit forever and never be seen or heard from again?
Any band who has a name that follows the formula “verb the noun” or is of that genre
Pierce the veil
Motionless in white
Black veil brides
Falling in reverse
How long could you live without money?
I had a really difficult time living without shampoo and conditioner for 3 days, if that gives you any insight as to my capabilities of self-preservation. I’m a fast learner though. I’d probably be okay for a good bit of time.
What is an extravaganza? And why is having an extra “vaganza” so special?
You may not know this but humans have a hidden organ known as the vanganzamometer. It was discovered by Edward Vaganza in the mid to late 30th century. Basically, when the levels of vanganzite in your blood drop below 4 attoparsecs, immediate medical attention is required. Vanganzite is very expensive on the black market, so having extra vanganzite (also known as vaganza) would make you a very wealthy individual indeed.
What legendary musicians would you like to play badminton with?
I think as a musician, it’s important to be completely inept at sports. This is why badminton exists, for people who are bad at sports to play a game that is sporting-adjacent. Keeping this in mind, I’d love to play a game with Jimi Hendrix, Donald Faegan, Roger Waters, and Keith Moon. The first three were my absolute idols while growing up, the last one is just because Keith Moon was a lunatic and was definitely a lot of fun to hang out with.
Would you accept 1 million dollars now to give up any and all music forever? If
not what is your price?
No way! The only purpose for money is to buy more guitars. Amps too I guess.
What really pisses you off?
Running out of toilet paper, Any and all other drivers on the road, authority, people who wear pink floyd t-shirts but have “never heard of him,” and most cat people.
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