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Walker Stalker – A Teen’s Thoughts

(By: R.C.)  If zombies are one of your  favorite monsters, then the first annual Walker Stalker Con – Denver is right for you. The Walker Stalker had countless vendor stands to look at. From Artists and Authors, to Katana blades and other weapon sellers. I personally liked the authors. Me being a writer. If you’re not into artists, authors, and/or weapon sellers, then you can just walk around and look at famous people who play in your favorite horror/zombie movies and TV shows. Michael Rooker from the walking dead attended, and so did T-dog (IronE Singleton). One of the busiest booths was Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger).

Another attraction were the Panels, the hosts played games, talked to the audience, and/or had guest speakers. Robert Englund was doing a panel and sadly wasn’t speaking ‘till 4:15, so I didn’t get to see him. I entered with a Media pass, and it was the best. A VIP pass does cost more, but it’s totally worth it. I was glad I got out of bed early. VIP passes let you go in earlier. Early bird get’s the worm! I went in early and some vendors were selling items cheaper to VIP. One vendor stand sold collectible zombie coins. This coins were replicas of regular united states coins, with zombie details. The famous buffalo quarter was the same, just zombified. The buffalo was missing most of it’s flesh, undoubtedly from an encounter with a zombie.

The food and service was great also. You are allowed to purchase a drink, get refills, and walk around the premises with it as well. So if you think it’s not worth it paying the admission fee and waking up early, think again! You will end up regretting it. I know I would’ve! Overall, The Walker Stalker is something you Zombie-lovers won’t want to miss!

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