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The World Over Interview: Vans Warped Tour 2018

The World Over have their personal ties to the music industry, but have carved a name for themselves in the music wold.  Vocalist Tiaday, guitarist Ryan, bassist Juan, and drummer Alex are combining their influences into their own style of rock.  We sat down with the band at the final cross-country run of the Vans Warped Tour in Denver.

Groovey.TV: You guys released Ventifact about 8 months ago. What made you decide to turn your Mountains EP into an acoustic album?
Ryan: Mountains was a really big evolution in our sound. We were coming up on the one-year anniversary and we just wanted to honor that. We got a really good response off Mountains and we feel like it was more of the direction we wanted to go, sonically and musically. On top of that, a lot of those songs on Mountains started out with an acoustic guitar. Like, we started out writing them on an acoustic guitar and everything else came later. We thought it would be cool to go back to the songs roots.
Tiaday: Also, just for the holidays. For Christmas! For the parents!
Ryan: It was the first one our parents could listen to. [Laughs]

GTV: The band switched up the sound between the Rampart Districts EP and the Mountains EP. Was this a conscious decision or did this occur naturally over the writing period?
Ryan: It occurred very naturally.
Tiaday: I feel like it was a conscious decision though. Rampart Districts wasn’t originally how we wanted it to sound. We didn’t know where we wanted it to go.
Ryan: We didn’t know how we wanted to sound at the beginning. We were just musicians playing together and seeing what we could come up with. It was when we worked with our first producer that he really took us in that direction. To answer the question, it happened naturally but it was also a conscious decision.
GTV: Do you feel like the music you are playing now is more true to who you want to be as a band or is are you still progressing?
Tiaday: We are in the works of putting out a new album. We’ve teased two new songs in our sets at Warped Tour, just to feel it out and see how everyone responds. It’s kind of similar to Mountains but more –
Ryan: I guess it takes a few more risks, but in a good way. It pushes the boundaries a little bit further on our sound. Our sound is always evolving and changing as we gather influences from different styles and work with new people. I would say that the new stuff uses Mountains as a foundation and builds on top of that even more to see how much further we can push our sound.

GTV: You guys mentioned that you have been working on new music. Is there anything you can tell us about that?
Juan: It’s groovy!
Ryan: For now, the only way I would say you’re really going to hear it is to come to our shows. We’re playing them to kind of gauge it and see how they feel. We’re still in the mixing stage for now so it’s still early on.

GTV: The band covered Nick Jonas’ “Find You”.   Why did you choose that song and how did you adapt it to your style?
Tiaday: I picked it; I just liked it! When we do pop goes punk covers, which is not very often, we want to make sure it’s something we can play live and is still upbeat enough and also still popular enough but also hasn’t been covered a lot by other pop goes covers. That was one that we found that hasn’t been done and we were grooving really hard.
Ryan: It was pretty easy to adapt to our style too.
Tiaday: I feel like we could’ve gone a little harder or heavier in it. You can only take Nick Jonas so far.

GTV: Growing up around the music inustry, what made you want to pursue a career in music? 
Tiaday: I initially wanted to. I actually applied to a couple colleges for nursing school. Right at the end of high school I was like ‘why did I do that?’ I got into a school for nursing and realized it was not what I want to do at all. My dad told me that LA Music Academy had enrolling admission so I just submitted and that’s where I met these guys.

GTV: Since this is the last Warped Tour, what does its’ legacy mean to you?
Alex: I grew up going to Warped Tour with my brother. He was really into it and I know how much he enjoyed this type of music. Being younger than him, I wasn’t hype to it and was a late bloomer, and now I love it. I remember my brother when I watch these bands.
Tiaday: I went in 2012 and it was a great time just being in general admission. But at the same time, I was kind of bummed that I wasn’t the one playing and I kind of got frustrated at the end feeling like I should be there. But now we’re here and this is a dream come true.

GTV: You guys will be playing the Warped Tour After Party through most of July. How will those shows be different than these sets?
Ryan: They’re going to be longer and there will be more new stuff in it. Right now we’re doing two new songs, one of which is going to come out soon. With Warped Tour we want to make sure that we’re playing stuff that people can immediately go and check out. With the after party, we’re still doing that but adding in more stuff.
Juan: More variety!
Tiaday: We’ll also play a little bit from Rampart Districts too. We’ll be playing all the stuff we have except for stuff from Ventifact.

GTV: Does the band have anything planned for the fall that you can tell us?
Ryan: There are a lot of things in talks. We definitely want to go back out but nothing is confirmed yet.

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