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The Youngling’s Perspective on Denver Comic Con

Denver Comic Con is all about the kids so this year Groovey.TV enlisted the help of  junior journalists Sage and Skylar and interviewed 10 year old steam punk cosplayer Alina Barusch.

At Denver Comic Con 2015 by Myself

By Skylar age 15

Comic Con for most is a place to socialize about certain geeky topics and to purchase limited time only items. I have attended comic con three times however, this was my first convention in which I have attended alone. With nothing much but Pringles Chips and a camera to guide me through the day, I was left to a sea of cosplayers, actors, and media takers of all ages.

As terrifying as it seemed it was also equally fun. My heart felt like a stone, my palms were sweaty but as I started to adjust to the flow of the crowd, I started to abandon all feelings of anxiety. I went to a few panels and got to meet/greet all the people who hosted each one. Even though I was alone at first I noticed after a while, how many friends I met in a time span of ten feet.

In the end, I believe that I really had so much more freedom to socialize compared to being with someone. Sure it’s fun being with a friend or two but walking around a convention packed with people with all different ages, hobbies, and goals; is really a life changing experience. I look forward to Denver Comic Con 2016!

Denver Comic Con 2015

By Sage age 13

Denver Comic Con is a event that happens every year and it affects a lot of people.Even if someone doesn’t go to the convention they still know about it from Facebook post or posters that are around town but still a majority of people  think what is Denver Comic Con really about.I did not really know anything about any conviction despite me loving comics and animation but this comic con I went with Groovey TV to help them with some interviews. Due to this being my first time at comic con or any convention for a fact I learned quite a bit about comic con and I had a amazing experience.

As for the things I have learned about the comic con is that it is not just comics it is a array of several nerdy and artistic entertainment.One of the things I learned first is that it is not as overwhelming as a lot of say yes it is still overwhelming you get use to it and at some points you may think it is entertaining to walk with the crowd.One other thing I learned is that a lot of nerds are nice are to put it in a more kind way practically every one at comic con is friendly and welcoming so as some one who is a nerd himself I felt welcomed.

A lot of conventions that I did experience was the booths and artist alley which practically the main area of the comic where you can see extremely good artist and there is some areas where you can buy some rare merchandise.Most of the experience I had was walking around and seeing art and some really interesting  comics that I may pick up in the future I also met a lot cool people in costume and they made there costume from scratch.Sadly I did not get any pictures of people in costume but that was because I was so enchanted by the costume and how time that the person  put into the costume.

My first time at comic con was amazing beyond expression and for people who have not experienced comic con yet I can highly recommend it even if you not so big on comics because it is just a amazing experience and you can pick up some cool art.

Pics by Sage




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