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The Tiniest Vampire by Jason L. Witter – Book Review (From Denver Comic Con)

The Denver Comic Con isn’t just for adults, the kids LOVE it too!  So I’m stepping away from my usual reviews and decided to take a break and let my 8 year old drive.

Below is his review of this awesome kids book!  The kid in my loved it (so did the adult)!  The illustrations are amazing and the book is super funny.  The Invisible Man’s Poem, I’m still laughing!  That’s my two cents people, now see what the kid had to say.

The 8 year old….

Here is what I really liked about this book:

• It had a lot of rhyming
• It had a lot of repeating things
• A lot of funny stuff
• It had a lot of funny titles, like The Game is Afoot
• I like the pictures, they are very funny
• I like The Door at the End of the Stairs
• I liked every single poem (except see below)
• My very favorite was Christmas with the Tiniest Vampire

Here are the things I didn’t like:

• I didn’t like the Gnome drawing because he almost gave me nightmares
• I didn’t like the Invisible Man poem, there was nothing to see

I enjoyed meeting Mr. Jason L. Witter who wrote the book and did all of the drawings! So cool! I even got the character pins and a book bag! He also signed it for me! Yay!

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