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(By Melissia Timm)

The end is here!    Calm down people I’m not talking about the Mayan calendar ending, I’m referring to the last movie in the Twilight series.    I was pleasantly surprised with Breaking Dawn Part 2.    Having read all of the books I was worried this last movie would be as long and drawn out as the book was.    That’s right, I said it!    I didn’t think the Breaking Dawn book was author Stephenie Meyer’s best work.    OK, enough about that this is a movie review after all!


The movie starts out a little slow with a lot of story to be told before they get to the action.    Screen Writer Melissa Rosenberg did a great job picking and choosing which pieces of the book were essential to bring the story to life without boring movie goers.    The movie progressed nicely with a few well placed chuckles, including a scene where Jacob (Taylor Lautner) strips down to his boxer briefs in front of Charlie Swan (Billy Burke) before turning into a wolf.    This scene made the women in the audience squeal with delight seeing Lautner’s well chiseled abs.    Some of the special effects in the film were less than spectacular.    The wolves, as always, were impressive with their flowing fur, texture and the colored detail in their eyes.    The blurring effects while the vampires were running in the forrest seemed a bit cheesy to me.    I think they could have done a better job considering the $120 million budget, but I digress.    Incidentally, they have already made this money back a couple times over!


Perhaps a lot of the budget was spent on Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) new vampire look.    Major props to the hair, make up and wardrobe folks for Bella.    They made Stewart an impressive, beautiful and believable vampire right up to the last scene.    Did the entire department take the day off for the last scene?    Bella was back to her frumpy human look and it really ruined it for me.    Nothing like being impressed for most of the film to have it crushed in the end.    I would really like to know what the producers and director were thinking when they shot it.    Didn’t they notice how un-vampire she looked?    On the upside it seems that Stewart finally learned how to close her mouth.    She didn’t look like she was catching flies the entire film!    A bonus for this reviewer since I don’t think she is a very good actor.    Lets face it, most of the people in this series aren’t the best actors, but I didn’t let that get in the way of a decent story.


For all the Twihards” out there they will see a noticeable twist to the movie that that was implied in the book, but hard to visualize. Director Bill Condon did an amazing job of bringing this complicated fight scene to life.    There was a collective gasp in the audience as this scene played out and a lot of cheering and clapping when they realized what had happened.    I have to say I was surprised.    Nicely played Condon!


So all in all I enjoyed the movie a lot!    I was really worried that, like the book, it would drag on and on and leave me snoring in my popcorn!    When the credits started to roll I was equally impressed.    They showed each of the characters still photo along with the actors that played them.    Not just from this movie, but from the whole series.    This included the actor that originally played Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre).    It was a classy way to end the series.    For anyone out there that hasn’t had enough, if you don’t already know this, there is a 5th book in this series.    Midnight Sun: Edward’s Version of Twilight.  Author Meyer’s was working on the book when a preview of it was leaked to the press.    In a bold move the author posted it on her website with an explanation of events



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