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The Violet Showcase Interview

The Violet Showcase Interview with Groovey.TV. Video by Queen B.

About The Violet Showcase:

164994_536867236351420_47944175_nAn amphitheater is just another big empty space until the power gets kicked on and the thousands of people rush in to see their favorite band command the stage and rule their world for an entire set. It takes a special band, literally one in ten thousand, to turn a performance into an event and fill that auditorium to the walls with screaming fans. The Violet Showcase is such a band with the look, talent, and definitely the driving, haunting and melodic rock sound of a band that will dominate the big venues all over the world with their powerful verses, wicked hooks and anthem choruses. The band’s home base is in Colorado, but they have a professional network that is already global. The Violet Showcase are more than ready to take the world’s stage.

The six pieces of The Violet Showcase that make up this rock machine are Jason McGinnis-Vocals, Joel Karschner-Guitars/Vocals, Tommy Sisneros-Guitars, Mikey Klein-Drums, JT Macmillan-Bass and Mike Giordano-Piano.
Let’s meet The Violet Showcase:

Jason McGinnis (Vocals) hit the doctor’s hands in the delivery room singing and hasn’t stopped since. At the age of one he received a drum and at the age of two he was given a guitar. Jason was raised by two teachers and his father loved listening to music which he joined in with as often as he could. He has been classically trained in piano and drums, has sung professionally since 1995, been a music teacher himself since 1998, and also sang for the US Army from 1999 to 2003. His major influences are: Jeff Buckley, Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland, Kurt Cobain, Lajon from Sevendust, Ben from Breaking Benjamin.

Joel Karschner (Guitars/Vocals) was born in State College, PA and has been playing music since he was five. When he was 15 Joel moved to Denver. Being of Cherokee Indian and Irish decent his cultural influences are varied and vast. His father is also a vocalist and a very accomplished guitar player. Joel’s mother is a respected vocalist as well. Mr. Karschner took guitar lessons for one year and then decided he would be better off being self-taught. His influences are Rock, country, metal and hip-hop.

Tommy Sisneros (Guitar) was born in California and moved to Colorado at an early age. Tommy comes from a very culturally diverse heritage with Hispanic, Polynesian, Asian and European all in the mix. He is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist (guitar, drums, bass and vocals) who grew up playing drums to his father’s pro-level guitar playing and his best friend’s (mikeG) piano. He is influenced by all forms of music but especially loves rock n roll, blues, and hardcore just a bit more than the other styles. About his approach to music, “I strive for music that creates goose-bumps, that extremely visceral feeling when you connect with a song so deeply that it shows in your skin. Improvisation and the ability to listen molded the way I approach music. Emotion leads composure.”

Mikey Klein (Drums) originally hailing from North Dakota Mikey Klein moved to Colorado at an early age. He grew up in a very musical family with basically every close relation being a musician in some form. Mikey’s father performed in many different styles of musical groups which provided Mikey with a wide range of influences and experiences in musicianship. Mikey started playing the drums at age seven and has never put the sticks down since. He has played in several varied genres of bands including reggae, punk, jazz and metal including such outfits as trip/cage, platoon13, 4headsceam and split second massacre. On who his influences are, “You name it, I like it.”

JT Macmillan (Bass) A man of few words who lets his instrument do the talking JT Macmillan is a Denver, Colorado native of German, Scottish and Arapahoe decent. He grew up in a musical family and has taken pro-level lessons for his instrument. He has 31 years of experience as a musician and his influences are jazz, fusion, funk, death metal, and classic rock. JT describes The Violet Showcase’s sound as “Loud and Proud.”

Mike Giordano (Keys) Is another Colorado native of Italian/Irish/English decent who started his musical career at age 8. Mr. Giordano on his career in music, “I started at age 8 taking lessons from a talented musician and teacher named Donald Dye. He taught me to play piano, using his guitar as accompaniment and using my ear, as well as sheet music to find the notes. I owe much of any talent I have to him. My second teachers name was Ms. Schafer. She was a classical musician that taught me how to play and how to appreciate the greats, like Mozart and Beethoven, whom I also owe my talents too. Then in high school I met a woman that just went by the name “Shioti”. She was a Japanese virtuoso concert Pianist, that taught me under the Suzuki method for a year. It was one of the most influential years of my entire life. I believe I got a lot of my musical ability from my mother, however, whom is definitely the main reason why I play music. Along with my big sister, and little sister, whom are phenomenal vocalists, they kept me going and motivated me…spiritually, mentally and even financially. My dad actually doesn’t play an instrument, but is a Vietnam war hero, with one of one of the biggest hearts you’ve ever met. He kept me fighting as well. I owe these people everything. I don’t teach music professionally, but I have before, and I love to answer questions about it, and help people with their “musical struggles”.”

The Violet Showcase have an original sound that is revolutionary but yet still familiar, unique and still very catchy, powerful and driving but emotional in the same instant created by some of the best players in the business. Whether it’s Jason’s incredible vocal range, Joel’s and Tommy’s ground breaking 8 string guitar tones, Mikey and JT’s perfect rhythm and low end, or Mike’s virtuoso performance on the keys there is something (or more than likely everything) to like about The Violet Showcase.

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