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Walker Stalker – Awesomeness

By Meli

Walker Stalker Con – Denver has come and gone.  It has left a lasting impression on me and my wallet.  I scored a few new zombie books, and several new pieces of art.  I splurged and got one for everyone in the family!  I am sad to say the one print I really, really wanted…was left at the artists home.  I teased the hell out of David (the artists that came to a zombie event without his best Walking Dead print).  Yep, I’m going to get some mileage out of that one!!!  I did managet to score an awesome Calvin and Hobbes Star Wars print so the day was not lost!

I had the pleasure of speaking to the guys at Phalanx Press quite a bit, and of course buy a zombie trilogy.  Author Rich Baker gave me the ins and outs of self publishing vs having someone else do it.  And how interesting it is to work with authors around the world.  I will expand on our conversation about e-books at a later date and probably make it an expose.  I’ve always wanted to use that word in one of my articles.  I guess I can check that off my bucket list!  Since Mr. Baker lives Colorado I’m hoping to score a more traditional sit down interview and review some of his books.

Author Susanne L. Lambdin and J.A. St. Thomas were also in attendence selling their books a few other goodies.  I was lucky enough to win a copy of I Am Forgotten from J.A. St. Thomas.  Can’t wait to read all of my new books!  I might need to take a speed reading course to get them finished quickly and write a boatload of reviews.

For those folks that don’t read there were plenty of other things to look at and buy.  There were tons and tons of Walking Dead toys, Funko Pop!, movie posters, t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and even zombie themed coins!  If this were a paying gig I’d have purchased the entire collection!  All precious metals, all super ass cool, and all very, very shiny!  Oooh shiny things! I love shiny things!

I should probably mention there were more celebrities than I could shake a stick at.  Our video team had the opportunity to chat with quite a few of them.  Check out the youtube channel or FB for all of those goodies.  I’m just here to tell you about the rest.  The celebrity lines were long most of Saturday and early Sunday morning.  Sunday afternoon things started to wind down and the lines became smaller and smaller.  Great for anyone wanting to see a celebrity and stop by just to say hi.  The prices also dropped for a lot of merchandise on Sunday.  I don’t think anyone wanted to pay to have the stuff shipped back home.  Great for the bargin hunter in all of us!

There were also a ton of interesting panels.  I was able to check out a few of them including Women of Nightmare on Elm Street.  I got an intersting perspective on Freddy’s first kill and all the films that came later.  Robert Englund is still one of my all time favorite killers!  Unfortunately GrooveyTV didn’t get to chat with him, but I waved at him from afar and I might have snapped a picture or two.  Shhhh…don’t tell!

Overall this was one helluva weekend for me.  It was well organized, the celebrity lines moved quickly, there was plenty of food without long lines and so much to see.  As usual bring plenty of cash next time because a lot of vendors didn’t take credit cards.  I hope Walker Stalker Con will return next year!  This is one I will go to year after year and it will never get old.  I seriously love me some zombies!!

Thank you to the event staff, volunteers, celebs, vendors and everyone involved for making this my favorite Con so far!

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