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Zombie Squirts Book Review and Interview

Zombie Squirts

Zombie Squirts“Zombie Squirts! Vol. 1: Different is Cool”

(By Queen B) Created and illustrated by Alicia C. Mattern, Zombie Squirts is a children’s book about bullying…and zombies of course. It’s the first day back at school for the Zombie Squirts. To their surprise they have a new classmate, Annie, an exchange! According to Rudy Rotten, the new girl is different and he and his fellow zombie bullies make fun of the new girl. BUT, to Rudy Rotten’s surprise, the Zombie Squirts stick up for their new friend and help teach Rudy Rotten and his friends that being different is cool, and bullying is not.

Alicia C. Mattern has outdone herself with the illustrations. The colors are vibrant, solid, with some softness to the edges. Each character has their unique look and feel about them, all with great details.

The story, written by Wolfgang Pie, was short, but sweet. It left me wanting to know more about each character and more about Annie and her homeland. I would have liked to have seen the text on a separate page though, to not detract from the beautiful illustrations, but to also not distract the reader from a too-busy page.Lily_zombie_withBio

Along with the beautiful illustrations and story, there is a read-along activity. Throughout the book, Captain Crawly, the Pirate Spider, is hiding. Kids are encouraged to find how many times they find him during the story.

All in all, this is a beautiful children’s book promoting anti-bullying. 5% of ALL book proceeds will be donated to Project Anti-Bully.

It will be interesting to see what “Vol. 2: Zombie Dance Party” has in store!


Zombie Squirts Creator Alicia C. Mattern Interview at Mile High Horror Film Festival

How Zombie Squirts Got Started

(From  The Zombie Squirts! were originally created for a sticker design at I started seeing a cartoon and children’s book in my head as I was designing the two main characters, Freddie and Lily. I decided to buy the artwork rights from the sticker company and sought an author. Wolfgang Pie was already aware of my zombie cartoon concept and fell in love with the idea. We collaborated by me sending him all of the characters I had designed, along with their bios and how they interacted with each other, plus a few plot ideas. Wolfgang came up with the perfect story right from the start!

Currently he is writing the fourth book!

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